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The center of Gravity can be defined as the point where the weight of the all body depends is called Center of Gravity or Center of mass.

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Q: What is the definition of ''center of gravity''?
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What is the scientific definition of gravity?

Gravity: The attraction between an object on the surface and the center of the earth.

What is 'center of gravity'?

Center of Gravity

Why do black holes have a center of gravity?

The 'center of gravity' of any object or volume of space is a point in space ... a place,with a very clear definition. It's the place where the sums of the first moments of everyspeck of mass in every direction are all equal. If the object or the volume of space hasany mass in it, then the center of gravity can be located very precisely and very easilyby applying the definition.

Where is the center of gravity of a ring?

The center of gravity of a ring is at the center of the ring.

What is the formula of center of gravity?

There is no such thing. Do you mean definition? If so, it is the point at which the mass of an object can be considered to be effective/concentrated.

What the Combined center of gravity is formed by?

The center of gravity of the truck

What Combined center of gravity is formed by?

The center of gravity of the truck

Where is the center of gravity during a cartwheel?

your hips are the center of gravity

Why must the intersection of the 3 lines be the center of GRAVITY of the irregularly shaped lamina?

Friend Hilmar Zonneveld is perfectly and absolutely right. Weight, being a vector, of an object will always act through the center of gravity. Also definition of centre of gravity confirms that whatever be the position the weight would always act through a point known to be center of gravity

What is center of gravity or mass?

the center of gravity is your step mom's BFF

How do you give a seminar on center of gravity?

important points about center of gravity

Is the center of gravity always in the center of the object?

No , the center of gravity is in a spot where balance is achieved, if an object is dimensionally heavier on one side, then the center of gravity would not be in the measurable center.

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