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What is the definition of 'vandalism'?

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the definition of vandalism: (1) is to ruin or destroy someone else's property.

(2) destroy something that is not yours.

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What is the definition of deliberate damage of property?


What describes the definition of intentiolnal distruction of property?

Intentional destruction of property is vandalism.

What is the insurance definition for Vandalism and Malicious Mischief?

the intentional and malicious destruction of or damage to the property of another.

What is the definition for computer- related vandalism?

When stupid people try to find the answer to a stupid question. Also ask Brennen if he did this.

Why is youths causing vandalism?

youths are not causing vandalism, it is the people with NO brains that are coursing vandalism

What does hardware vandalism mean?

What is hardware vandalism

What is the definition of a class 2 misdemeanor in Arizona?

Basically it is criminal damage (like Vandalism) that results in less than $250 of damage.

A sentence for Vandalism?

vandalism is a very bad thing to do!

Why are youths causing vandalism?

Cause of Youth VandalismYouths cause vandalism because they think it's fun.

What part of speech is the word vandalism?

The word vandalism is a noun. For example: the community volunteered to clean the vandalism in the park.

How do you stop vandalism on WikiAnswers?

There is no way to completely eliminate vandalism from wikianswers, but if you do see vandalism, you can report it on the community forum.

What is the charges for vandalism?

vandalism charges are paying £0.01p for a fine

Can you die from vandalism?

Some, yea. Vandalism is VERY harmful.

When was vandalism instated as a law?

Vandalism is the act of defacing or destroying property that does not belong to you. Vandalism was instated as law in the early 1980's.

Is graffiti vandalism or art?

It is actually both, the two categories are not mutual exclusive. Depends on where it's being done. If you do it on your property, or somewhere where you've been allowed to do it - then it's art. If you do it where you haven't been allowed to and where the owner of the property dont want it, then by definition it's vandalism.

What are English Wikipedia Vandalism?

English Wikipedia Vandalism are false information.

Is a vandalism charge on your criminal background?

Yes. Vandalism is a criminal offense.

What is the gerund form of vandalism?

The gerund form of vandal/vandalise/vandalism is vandalising.

When was Vandalism - band - created?

Vandalism - band - was created in 2004.

What is WikiAnswers policy on Vandalism?

WikiAnswers feels very strongly against vandalism. Vandalism is cause for warning, and possibly blocking, whether temporary or permanent. Vandalism ruins the site for all the legitimate users that are interested in some answers. If vandalism is found, please click 'Report Abuse' in the top right hand corner of a question. You may also post in the 'Report Vandalism and Abuse' forum.

Can you be jailed for vandalism?

it depends on how much vandalism you do. but you might just get off but i dont think you will.

What can you do to stop vandalism?

You can stop vandalism by telling they would die if they vandalise and they would be scared

What are the release dates for Why Vandalism - 1955?

Why Vandalism - 1955 was released on: USA: 1955

Is your vehicle covered from vandalism if you only have liability insurance?

No, vandalism is covered by comprehensiveinsurance.

What are the characteristics of vandalism?

The main characteristics of vandalism is the damage or spoiling of public or private property.