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What is the definition of a coat of paint?

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One coat of paint is a layer of paint applied and allowed to dry. Two coats is double this with proper drying between each coat.

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What kind of coat can only be put on when wet?

a coat of paint

What is the homograph for a layer of paint or a heavy jacket?

a coat you know a coat of paint or i put on my coatcoat

When was New Coat of Paint created?

New Coat of Paint was created in 2000.

How many coats of paint is needed for a chameleon paint job?

Usually there is a base coat of a solid colour, a coat of the chameleon paint, and then a clear coat

What paint do you use to paint resin?

A paint that is acrylic-based is usually a superior preference, as it's a latex-based paint. Utilize a brush to apply the paint, starting with the core coat or shading coat. Wait for one coat of paint to dry out before adding another coat or different color.

What is another name for A thin layer of paint?

A coat. Any layer of paint is called a coat. Thick or thin. The first coat is called a base or primer coat.

Can you paint acrylic enamel auto paint over base coat clear coat factory paint?

It will eventually peel. You gotta sand it first.

Can you use interior paint and a primer and use exterior as the finish coat?

Can you use interior paint as a primer and use exterior paint as the finish coat?

Can car paint be applied over a clear coat?

Yes, you can paint over a clear coat. The clear coat is essentially the same thing as the paint, but without the additives that give paint color. The preparation work is the same as for making a painted surface without clear coat ready for painting.

Is paint a coat color?

No. Paint is not a color it is a breed. Pinto is a coat color that looks like a paint, yet can be on any other breed that alows it, but paint is it's own breed.

Can you paint acrylic enamel paint over base coat paint?

If the base coat used in your project is water base then yes, you bet you can. If there is any chance that the base coat used was an oil base paint then you cannot paint directly over it. The acrylic enamel will not adhere to the oil base paint and will begin to peel off as soon as it is dry. In which case a coat of primer is in order.

What type of coat must you put on only when wet?

A coat of paint?

Which paint should you use to paint a high chair?

Amf safe coat paint

Can you paint over clear coat?

no it mixes with the paint in some ocassions.

How do you repair cracked ceiling paint?

paint a new coat over it

Can you paint a second coat over wet paint?

Not a good idea.

Best one coat porter exterior paint?

Permanizer is the best one coat paint that is made by PPG Porter Paints.

Is coat a collective noun?

The noun 'coat' is used as a collective noun for things such as a coat of paint.

Can you Coat acrylic paint with enamel paint?

If the paint you are going to coat is completely dried / and cured, and are of the same "sheen" exp. semi-gloss, you should have no problem with the finished job.

What type of coat must you always put only when wet?

A coat of paint

How to remove paint?

if you are trying to remove paint from the outer body of the car and you are looking to paint it. then start by sanding the outer body down to the bare metal then use your primary then first coat then second coat of paint

What are some types of coats?

Trench coatRain coatSuit coatWinter coatSki jacketLeather coatCoat of paint/varnish/stain/lacquer

Why should the first coat of paint be dried before applying the second coat?

Because when pain't is wet, you will just be spreading it around with your paint brush. It will look uneven and bad. When the paint is dried, it is a solid surface to paint.

What kind of coat can be put on wet?


How do you coat skateboards?

usually a laminate-paint