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A "stock item" is an item which has been made for generic purposes and which can be adapted to this particular need. The expression comes from having goods "in stock", in storage waiting to be sold. Such items are of more general use.

For example, a "stock car" starts off being the kind of car that is mass-produced, and which has been enhanced by its owner.

"Stock footage" is film which has not been shot for any particular purpose and which can be inserted if you need some film footage of African Animals, the Himalayas, the Kremlin, etc.

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A stock item is a product that a business keeps in inventory to sell to customers. It is typically a regularly purchased or manufactured item that is part of the company's core offering. Tracking stock items helps businesses manage inventory levels and fulfill customer orders efficiently.

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Q: What is the definition of a stock item?
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What does B stock mean?

The definition of a B stock item varies from shop to shop, commonly it is an item that has been used in a showroom, or in other ways been used as a demo. It can also be an item that has been returned by a customer and then repackaged by the store. Normally B stock items come with full Warranty.

To delete a stock item in Tally 7.2?

In order to delete a stock item go to Gateway of tally -> Inventory info -> Stock item -> Alter -> then select the stock item and press enter -> press Alt + D -> press 'y' to confirm and 'n' to deny.

What is the first thing you should do when a customer requests a sale item once you have determined that item is out of stock?

Issue the customer a raincheck for the item that is out of stock.

What is the definition of stock market?

A stock exchange. Sorry that's not very helpful but it was the dictionary definition..

What definition of news item?

It is an item used in reporting news.

What is meant by out of stock?

The term 'Out of Stock' means that the item has been sold out and no more are left in inventory. Out of Stock items are typically restocked and new copies of the item are made available.

What is the definition of a Limited stock argument?

'Defination' is not a word. -It is 'definItion' .

Why do companies set a minimum stock level?

Stock level is set to avoid chances of over investment of an item or running short of an item.

Is common stock a monetary item?


What does 'in stock' mean?

it means the item is available

Is closing stock a balance sheet item?

Yes closing stock is balance sheet item and shown under current asset in asset side.

What does it mean when something is on back order?

When something is on back order it means the item ordered is out of stock. When the item is in stock again or available from the manufacturer it will be shipped as soon as possible.