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Everything you own; all of your assets (whether real property or personal property) and liabilities. Extensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use; "the family owned a large estate on Long Island". A major social class or order of persons regarded collectively as part of the body politic of the country and formerly possessing distinct political rights.

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What is the definition of public estate?

publicly held lands are the public estate.

What is the definition of statutory estate?

==One Answer== There is no textbook definition for a "statutory estate" in the U.S. Perhaps you are referring to the statutory right of a spouse to waive the will and take a statutory share of the estate instead.

What is the definition of a Villa?

a country residence or estate.

What is the legal definition of life estate in New York?

A 'Life Estate' is a right in real property that is measured on the life of the grantee. The definition is consistent in the common law.

What is the definition of industrial estate?

An industrial estate is an area which has been specially planned for a lot of factories.

What is the real estate definition for an estate sale?

An estate sale is a type of sale or auction to dispose of the majority of the materials owned by a person who is deceased or will be moving.

What is the definition of villay?

If you mean villa, it is a country residence or estate.

What is the definition of real estate?

Property consisting of land or buildings.

Can an estate be considered a person in order to obtain credit?

No. An Estate is not a natural person by any definition. However, there may be lenders willing to lend to an estate, or using the estate as collateral and a person as a personal garauntee.

What is the definition of villa?

It is a country estate. Frequently owned by rich people.

In real estate what is the definition of off market?

The property is in escrow or sold.

What is the definition of a chinese estate?

It means a large peice of land with a residence

What is the real estate definition for an estate home?

An estate is a property of large extent with a large and elaborate home on it. In more modern developments an estate lot is used to describe an exclusive development of large lots with elaborate homes that are sometimes called McMansions.Estate is also used to describe all the property owned by an individual at death.

What is the Definition of a lifetime right of occupancy?

A LIFE ESTATE is an estate held only for a specified person's life. It is a right to use and occupy property that is extinguished when the life estate holder dies.

What is the legal definition of an estate?

An estate is comprised of all the property a living person owns or all the property a decedent owned at the time of their death.

Could be used as a legal definition of an estate?

How to buy a home this is juicy g!

What is the correct definition of dowry?

A dowry is the money, goods, or estate that a woman brings to a marriage.

What is the definition of a real estate broker?

A real estate brokeris a person who acts as anintermediarybetween sellers and buyers ofreal estate/real propertyand attempts to find sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy.

What is the Real Estate marketing context?

I am looking for the definition of Real Estate marketing context and marketing mix with some relevant examples. Could someone assist please?

What is the definition of leaverage?

Used in investment and real estate as a method to increase profits with borrow money. A real estate investor uses leverage to profit from investing in renovated homes.

What is an Extension of police power in real estate?

see definition at police-power

Can a stillborn child's estate sue?

According to the principles of jurisprudence a stillborn child does not fall within the definition of person, as he does not come within the definition of legal person so he does not accrue any kind of entitlement upon any estate whatsoever, status of stillborn child is such that as he never existed at any time, hence question of suing a stillborn child's estate does not arise at all.

How do you write a sentence with the word setback?

the word estate has other neanings besides the one given in the example sentence. write a definition for the word estate based on the following stntenece. a daya after the manยดs deathonis relatives began to divide up his estate. answers key

What is the legal definition of self-cert mortgages?

The legal definition of a self-cert mortgages is where the owner/buyer transfers to the lender an interest in real estate allowing the lender to secure a repayment of their debt.

What is Per stirpes with regard to life estates?

That means a testator granted a life estate and when the life estate holder does the property is to be distributed per stirpes to the descendants of the testator.See related question for definition of per stirpes.