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An attitude is "a way of behaving or acting." Another definition of attitude would be "a belief about a topic."

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Q: What is the definition of attitude?
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What is the definition of skeptism?

An attitude of doubt

Definition of negative attitude?

A negative attitude is behaving or acting in a negative manner.

Whats the definition of attitude?

Attitude refers to a settled way of feeling or thinking about something.

What is definition of attitude?

the way you present yourself

What is the definition of explicit attitudes?

An explicit attitude is a conscious behavior. For example, whether or not you like math is an explicit attitude.

What is the definition for comportment?

Now you carry yourself, your physical attitude.

Do different shoes have a different attitude?

Shoes do not have attitude like a human does, but depending on your definition shoes can have attitude. When shoes are said to have attitude a person is most likely refering to the color or style of the shoes.

What is definition of the word 'attitude'?

Attitude is way you present your self in a particular situation. For example if you are on a ramp for the fashion show attitude is what you need to be the best in that field and vice versa when you show your attitude in office in a negative manner you lose a job.

What is the definition of implicit attitudes?

An implicit attitude is a stereotype that is thought out unconsciously or uncontrollably.

What is the word that goes with this definition a mental outlook toward people and situations?


What is the definition of authors perspective?

Author's perspective is the author's attitude about the subject he is writing about.

What is the best definition of tone in writing apex?

The feeling or attitude the writing suggests

Operational definition of attitude?

It is the behaviour and thoughts of Nursing students towards dying and death.

What is the definition of social attitude?

Social attitude is a person or groups reaction to other people, races, cultures, ideas, or traits. Social attitude measures the person or groups like or dislike toward a certain subject.

What is the definition of the word pose?

to assume a particular attitude or stance, esp. with the hope of impressing others.

What is the definition of pesky?

pesky means an awesome kid who has attitude and can be funny and cute at the same time

What is the definition of Stephanie mckim?

she is a funny babysitter who likes too pick on people and a person with a great attitude. hehe.

What is the definition of Employee Morale?

Employee morale is the attitude and willingness of the workers job working condition on their work place.

What is the definition of God's grace?

Undeserved acceptance and love received from another, especially the characteristic attitude of God in providing salvation for sinners.

What is the definition of a mood shot?

A mood shot refers to the sudden changes in the moods of a person. Mood is generally defined as an emotional attitude or state.

What do you say to your dad about attitude?

What attitude? or I don't have an attitude

Is it good to have an attitude?

It is good to have a good attitude, but bad to have a bad attitude.No, it is not.

What is the definition of the word indifferent?

indifferent: apathetic; marked by a lack of interest; showing no care or concern in attitude or actionHaving no particular interest or sympathy; unconcerned:

Attitude-maintain a positive attitude?


What is a negative attitude?

A negative attitude is a bad attitude. You see everything negative.