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A benthic environment is the region near or at the bottom of a pond, lake,or ocean, and the organisms that live in it.

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Meaning of Pelagic Environment and Benthic Environment?

Pelagic Environment refers to that part of the water away from the buttom of the sea. Benthic Environment refers to the seafloor.

What is the benthic environment?

The Ocean Floor

What are the zones of the benthic environment?


The ocean floor and all of the organisms that live on or in it is the?

benthic environment

What are the 5 zones of the benthic environment?

nekton, plankton, benthos,

What environment does a harbor seal live in Benthic or Pelagic zone?


How many ecological zones make up the benthic environment?


Does the box jellyfish live in the benthic or pelagic environment?

Jellyfish can be either benthic or pelagic but the box jellyfish spends more time in the pelagic region.

What zone of the benthic environment ranges from 200 to 4000m below sea level?

The Pie Zone.

What is the deepest zone of the benthic environment?

The deepest part of the "benthic zone" for aqueous ecology is the "hadal" zone (6000 meters or more beneath the surface). It is also known as the hadopelagic or "trench zone" of deep-sea organisms.

Shallowest zone of the benthic environment?

The question is slightly incorrectly phrased as the benthic zone is the ecological region at the lowest level of a body of water such as an ocean or a lake, including the sediment surface and some sub-surface layers.

What is the definition of pelagic environment?

pelagic environment is the worst environment in the ocean

Do Sea Otters live in the benthic or pelagic environment?

Sea otters live in the pelagic environment. They are able to survive in the high levels of salt, regulate their body temperature and are able to adapt to the low-oxygen environment.

What is definition of business environment?

what is the definition of business enviornment

What is the name of the zone in the benthic environment with depth ranges from 200 to 4000 m below sea level?

The zone is the bathyal zone.

What is the average precipitation of the benthic zone?

The benthic zone is under water.

The shallowest benthic zone?

The benthic zone is a region at the lowest level of an ocean or lake. The intertidal zone is the shallowest part of the benthic zone.

What is basic legal environment?

what is the definition of basic legal environment

What is the definition of deep-water zone?

Close to the the marine's benthic zone, this zone is the bottom-most zone to the fresh water biome.

What is definition of retail environment?

A retail environment is the environment in which things are sold on a commercial level.

What is a Benthic crustacean?

A Benthic crustacean is one that lives on the bottom of the ocean floor. Benthic crustaceans include shrimp, crabs, lobsters, amphipods and isopods.

Where do benthic animals live?

Benthic animals live in the benthic zone of the ocean. These animals include corals, sponges, anemones, jellyfish, mollusks, and other animals.

What is the blending of animals in their environment?

The definition of animals blending into their environment is "camouflage".

What is the definition of virtual environment?

An environment which is not real, but is only a computer creation.

What is definition of environment and how many types of it?


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