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A society in which the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" is wide- that is, there are many poor people, many wealthy people, and a shrinking middle class

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Which type of vertebrae has a bifurcated spinous process?

Cervical vertebrae have a bifurcated spinous process.

Is bifurcated divorce legal in Nevada?

If one was granted, then it will be legal. However Nevada no longer does bifurcated divorces.

What is a bifurcated trachea?

it is a organ

What is the definition of political society?

Make up a definition.

What is the definition of a patriarchel society?

A society run exclusively by men.

What tongue does a snake have?

A forked [bifurcated] tongue.

Is Texas court system bifurcated?


What is the definition for a traditional society?


How do you define society?

by explaning the definition

How can you use the word bifurcated in a sentence?

Its trunk is characterized for being straight, cylindrical, averaging 60 centimeters in diameter with a bifurcated branch structure and extended crown.

Can a bifurcated uterus cause heavy periods?


What premolar has a bifurcated root?

The maxillary first premolar

Do any marsupials not have bifubricated penises and two vaginas?

Yes. Large macropods such as kangaroos have a non-bifurcated penis. However some species still have bifurcated vaginae.

What is a bifurcated court system?

two part legal system

What is the definition of person vs society?

the definition of that is when there is a conflict between a person and another group of persons

What is the definition of 'information society'?

What does the concept of the advent of the information society talk about

What does is the definition of SPCA?

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The human record of people and their relationships?

This is the definition of a society.

Quotes on the Odysseus?

has the definition of family changed in our society

What is the definition for the term constitutional rights?

A strict definition of constitutional rights are those rights of an individual within a society that are protected by the society as a whole on behalf of all of its citizens.

What are consequences of having a bifurcated uterus?

A bifurcated uterus is a structural abnormality of the uterus. This is when the cavity where the uterus is suppose to be is empty. The uterus is heart-shaped. Theses individuals are usually sterile (can't have kids).

What is the definition of 'culture'?

The definition of culture is a way of life society creates to satisfy its basic needs.

What is the definition of the conflict Man vs Society?

the definition is when someone has to do something that others don't agree too

Do kangaroos have penises?

Males do, yes. In fact, they have what is called a bifurcated penis.

What is the advantage of having a horned or bifurcated uterus?

your havin satans spawn