What is the definition of bifurcated society?

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A society in which the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" is wide- that is, there are many poor people, many wealthy people, and a shrinking middle class
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What is the definition of a birth father in the catholic society My ex-husband doesnt want to contribute to his childrens educational expenses but is attending university himself?

Answer . Birth father, catholic or other wise, is the same as biological. That means that your ex-husbands sperm would have to have been the one that fertilized your egg to make the children. Unless you had it specified in your divorce that in addition to child support that he should pay half fo ( Full Answer )

Definition of contemporary society?

the modern society in which the human beings are interacting closely, business entities competing and but in which the technological, politico-economics and socio-cultural factors has a large impact on these interactions. Bush_O (MBA)

What is bifurcation of marriage?

Bifurcation of marriage is just another phrase used to describe 2people who are getting a divorce. Bifurcation means to dividesomething into two.

Definition of civil society?

A civil society is a community of people that are linked by acommon interest. Some examples would be charities like UNICEF wherepeople come together for a common cause.

What is a Bifurcated Divorce?

In some states, the court will allow a divorce case to be bifurcated or split into two parts. Generally, if a case is bifurcated, the first issue resolved is marital status. The court grants the couple a divorce - making them each legally single again - but reserves all remaining issues for trial at ( Full Answer )

Definition of filipino society?

A Filipino society is comprised of Philippine natives who primarilyreside in the central Luzon area and speak the tagalong language.Most Filipinos are decedents of the ancient Polynesians.

What are consequences of having a bifurcated uterus?

A bifurcated uterus is a structural abnormality of the uterus. This is when the cavity where the uterus is suppose to be is empty. The uterus is heart-shaped. Theses individuals are usually sterile (can't have kids).

Where is the trachea bifurcation?

It is where the trachae splits into the two main bronchi. It is somewhat triangular in shape. The region is called the Carina . In nursing when you're suctioning a patient you advance the suction catheter down to this point (the patient may cough) then you come up while suctioning out mucous.

What is Bifurcations?

If you are referring to Nautical - its when the water way splits, kinda like a fork in the road, also known at one point as a junction. Kinda like when your driving down the road and you have to make a decision veer to the right or veer to the left.

Are all capital punishment trial bifurcated?

Yes. The United States Supreme Court case of Gregg v. Georgia in 1976 ruled that the death penalty is not cruel and unusual and creates a bifurcated death penalty trial system. The first trial is set up to find out if the defendant is guilty or innocent. In the second trial if found guilty the jury ( Full Answer )

What is the definition to society?

A society is a group of humans or other organisms of a single species that is delineated by the bounds of cultural identity, social solidarity, functional interdependence, or eusociality. source: Wiki

What is the meaning of bifurcation?

Bifurcation means to split or divide into two branches. A separation into 2 branches. The point of forking. Also described as the inside of a capital "Y".

Where does the trachea bifurcate?

'Bifurcate' means 'split or divide into two'. The trachea bifurcates at T5 and T7 vertebral level. It is the point where the trachea splits in two so that air can enter the left and right side seperately. It is like a back up system that the body has so that one side can still function if the other ( Full Answer )

What does bifurcation mean in a divorce?

Bifurcation is the splitting of a whole into two parts. In a divorce, this usually means splitting the jointly held assets, such as a house, cars, stocks, etc., into two so that each party gets a share.

What is the international society of entrepreneurs' definition?

From the International Society for Entrepreneurs's website,"International Society for Entrepreneurs (ISE) is meant to promoteand market your BUSINESS at the National & InternationalMarketplace with bringing Job Opportunities, New Business exposingthe wide use of technology and engineering in entrepr ( Full Answer )

What is the definition for a dystopian society?

A dystopia (from the Greek δυσ- and τόπος, alternatively, cacotopia, kakotopia, cackotopia, or anti-utopia) is the vision of a society in which conditions of life are miserable and characterized by poverty, oppression, war, violence, disease, pollution, and/or the abridgement ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of urban society?

Urban society is a modern civilization that is based on city lifein metropolitan areas. It is individualized, rather than integratedlike folk society.

What is a bifurcated roadway?

A bifurcated roadway is where the lanes going in opposite directions are separated by very wide medians and are designed as two separate roadways. The roads are often at significantly different elevations. This is often seen in mountainous areas such as I-81 in SW Virginia, the Pennsylvania Turnpike ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate the bifurcation ratio?

You add the number of streams that branch off the main stream which is the first order then you add the number of streams branching off that stream whih becomes the 2nd order and the sum of the no. of stream orders divided by the number of streams gives the bifurcation ratio.

Bifurcation Ratio farmula for Drainage system?

Bifurcation Ratio (Rb) = ΣN / ΣN + 1 ΣN = Total number of stream of a particular order. ΣN + 1 = Total number of stream of a next higher order.

What is the definition for the word society?

Society is a group of people with some form of organization and identity; it can be a nation, a tribe, a special interest group (such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the ASPCA) or various other groups.

What is vessel bifurcation?

A bifurcation of a blood vessel occurs where the main stem of the vessel divides to become two smaller vessels that go in opposite directions; like the branch of a tree.

Does the US reflect the definition of a culturally pluralistic society?

I assume you mean "culturally pluralistic society" in the sense that: This is a form of society which is made up of people from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. A society which embraces minority groups and is tolerant towards them. Strictly and legally, yes, we have numerous ( Full Answer )

How do you use the word bifurcate in a sentence?

They bifurcate d the legos apart. The two two sisters had to bifurcate into different planes. He began to bifurcate the orange apart. P.S. Bifurcate (BI-FUR-CATE) verb : To split into two parts.

What is the significance of bifurcation ratio?

The bifurcation ration is the relationship between the number of steams of one order an those of the next highest order. It is calculated by dividing the number of streams in one order by the number in the next order. For example , in a basin : N1/N2 = (number of the first order streams / numbe ( Full Answer )

Is a California bifurcation the same as a divorce?

Bifurcating a divorce is to separate the termination of marriage and the division of property, child custody, spousal support and any matters that take time and / or a judgment to settle. This allows the couple to end their legal bond of marriage, prior to deciding how property will be divided, ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of a child centered society?

A child centered society consists of laws to protect children. Forexample, laws are in place to protect against child abuse &child labour. These societies often have better healthcare andhigher living standards, which enable babies to survive throughinfancy and grow into adults.

What is bifurcation buoy?

a horizontally marked red and black buoy used to mark the division of sea lanes when moving inward from the sea.

What is the definition of micro-society?

A mico-society is a smaller group of people who live within alarger society. These people then create their own currency, way oflife and so forth.

Can your ex collect alimony if you file a motion to bifurcate the marriage?

Yes. When you file for a bifurcated divorce the divorce is over quickly but other matters such as child support, custody, property settlement and spousal support are addressed at a later date, if necessary. You only put those important issues off so as to end the marriage more quickly than address ( Full Answer )

What definition of society?

A group of people, generally numbering in the millions who share a common relationship with each other with respect to language, culture, religion, language, etc. These peoples generally live in the same country or group of countries in the same region of the planet. These people share the same bas ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the word bifurcation?

Bifurcation means when something is branched out. It basically means something divided or forked out. A family tree is an example of a bifurcation. A fork in the road can also be considered one.

What is the definition of a friendly society?

A friendly society (otherwise known as a mutual society) is a 'not for profit' financial organisation owned by its members. An example of such an organisation is a credit union. Credit unions offer a variety of financial services, loans and savings accounts being the major source of income that keep ( Full Answer )

What is definition of the term society?

A group of humans, usually numbering in the millions. They are ordered by similar laws, governments, languages, and so on. An example is 'western society', or Asian society. Can also refer to a club or social group which gathers together for a specific purpose.

What does it mean when a structure bifurcates?

Bifurcates means the structure divides into two parts. For example, the trachea and pulmonary trunk both bifurcate. The word indicates something normal, not abnormal. It describes the appearance of the structure, not function.