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Law. To place under legal obligation by contract or oath.

Chemistry. To combine with, form a chemical bond with, or be taken up by, as an enzyme with its substrate.

To compel, obligate, or unite: bound by a deep sense of duty; bound by a common interest in sports.

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Q: What is the definition of binding?
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Definition for arbitration?

Settling of a dispute with a mediator, intention of coming to a binding agreement.

Definition of deed of absolute sale?

The definition of a deed of absolute sale is an agreement between a seller and a purchaser legalizing the purchase of property. It can be done in writing and it legally binding.

What is the definition of valid contract?

A valid contract is a law binding agreement which will be signed by both parties. This contract will be valid.

Definition of cement paste and there uses?

Cement paste is like a grue binding aggregates and enables the whole process of hardernig

What is definition of international law?

A body of rules established by custom or treaty and recognized by nations as binding in their relations with one another.

Are Patent Binding and Perfect Binding the same?

Yes, patent binding, perfect binding and adhesive binding are the same thing.

Static binding and dynamic binding in object oriented programming?

Both possible. In Java static binding is binding at compile time while dynamic binding is binding at runtime.

How can you distinguish between nuclear binding energy and separation energy?

The binding energy is by definition the energy required to separate the constituents of the nucleus to an extent that nuclear forces no longer have any influence. Therefore your question does not have an answer. See the link below for background reading.

Is mediation legally binding?

mediation can be binding if a representative is used if not then its not binding snzbeyueen

What is static binding and dynamic binding in java?

static binding done at compile time where as dynamic binding done at run time. Dynamic binding is also called as Dyanamic method dispatcher.

Where can one find more about binding supplies?

You can find more about binding supplies online at websites such as My Binding and Binding Stuff. You can purchase a variety of binding supplies through Office Depot and OfficeMax.

Why does C plus plus allows static binding and not dynamic binding?

C++ allows both static and dynamic binding. Static binding occurs at compile time. Dynamic binding occurs at runtime.

Difference between late binding and early binding?

different between late and early binding

What is the definition of a legally binding document?

A legally binding document is a document that is enforceable in a court of law. Generally, it requires signatures from the parties to the agreement and may need to be notarized depending on the document. In order to be legally binding the agreement must be legal. A court will not enforce an agreement between parties that involves some illegal act no matter how carefully the document was drafted ad executed.

What is meant by binding in programming language?

In its simplest definition, "binding", when referred to in the context of any computer programming language, describes how a variable is created and used (or "bound") by and within the given program and, possibly, by other programs, as well. However, there are other definitions for "binding" in computer programming languages, which would take too long to list and explain, especially given the broad nature of the question.

Is a wire binding machine sturdier than a plastic binding machine?

"The binding machines are equally as sturdy, it is the products that the produce that vary in durability. A plastic binding it less expensive but does not hold up as well as wire binding."

Is library binding the same as turtleback binding?

A Turtleback book is the leading brand name for library binding.

Is late binding and dynamic binding related to polymorphism?

Late binding and dynamic binding are related to runtime polymorphism. By contrast, compile time polymorphism is known as static binding. Template functions and classes are examples of static binding because the exact type can be determined at compile time.

What advantages does comb binding have over other binding methods?

Comb binding is much less expensive then other binding methods. A major advantage of comb binding is that it can be used on short run projects that can be printed digitally, avoiding any offset printing costs an associated binding.

What is the suffix of binding together?

which is the suffix of binding together

What is binding?

binding is a process of combining methods,variablea

Use the word binding in a sentence?

I was binding the rope

What is the Hebrew word for binding?

binding = akidá (עקידה)

What complementary binding is?

basically complementary binding is useless

Where can you buy binding machine supplies?

Binding machine supplies can be purchased from Office Depot, Staples and Amazon. They can also be bought in bulk from online suppliers such as Binding and Binding Stuff.