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It is advertising with a strong emphasis on the company brand (logo and/or company name) also known as integrated marketing communications (IMC). Advertising is a paid form of communication tools to communicate with the mass people. Any means by which an organization seeks to influence the thought and actions of an individual, usually used to sell a product or to promote goodwill. (Webster's Pocket Business Dictionary) Simply advertising a brand but it is must more complicated.

Sophisticated marketers understand theory and practice of Marketing, and have learned a lot. Companies do not get potential users or customers to try a product by convincing them to love their brand. You get them to love a brand by convincing them to try and use the product or service. Using advertising under Promotion is one of the eight tools for promotion in the 9P's of marketing. Developing a strong brand is a byproduct. It comes from doing the other things in the Nine P's of Marketing.

Make sure the product is excellent. Be sure the company is taking good care of their customers, and having the right planning and targeting, the right product, right price, right promotion, right partners, right presentation, with the right amount of Passion in the 9P's.

Make sure there is differentiation. Unique Selling Proposition or Point, shortened to U.S. P., falls here too. Differentiate based on the needs and wants of the potential consumers and businesses. That is what builds brands.

Audiences and specific target audiences are becoming more sophisticated and empowered in their media usage and consumption. With more media outlets and channels offering new ways to promote and communicate, many businesses struggle with fragmented messages across traditional, digital and social media avenues. The brand is what "they" say you are. Communicate the brand "value" or "values," what makes "your" brand special in the marketplace.

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Q: What is the definition of brand advertising?
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