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What is the definition of decentralised?

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decentralized government is a government to the right or left

The authority is neither centralised or decentralised

Decentralised government is when the powers are no be been vested or concentrated on one body

should the information system function in a business be centralised or decentralised

to away from the headquarters

Distinguish between the centralised and the decentralised traditional political system in Nigeria?

centralised is a high degree of authority at the top of the hierarchy and decentralised is a high degree of delegated authority

Ron Akehurst has written: 'Provision of decentralised mental illness services' 'Provision of decentralised mental illness services - an option appraisal' -- subject(s): Mental health services


No, it is decentralised. Switzerland consists of cantons, which are largely self-governing.

A centralised filing system has all of the organisations information together in one large filing system. A decentralised filing system is when each department or section of the organisation stores its own records. (

I. A. Mourmouras has written: 'Decentralised policymaking in game-theoretic model with capital accumulaiton'

Yes,every firm is centralised/decentralised this comes when the japanese management is applied.

Processing occurring in a single location of facility but data is distributed to various remote location

This is a purchasing system where a purchasing resources are dispersed into local business units where all units do their own purchasing

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In a decentralised structure, decision-making is spread out to include more junior managers in the hierarchy, as well as individual business units or trading locations.

B. L. Bhargava has written: 'Decentralised planning in agriculture and rural development' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Rural development

2 ways. An Exchange (e.g. NYSE) which is a centralised market or Over-The-Counter (OTC) which is a decentralised market. Bonds usually trade OTC.

Sankar Majumder has written: 'Methodological issues in village based decentralised district planning' -- subject(s): Methodology, Regional planning, Rural poor

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