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1. When something can be seen to be a total failure
2. Completely failed attempt to do something that would be considered rather simple.

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Q: What is the definition of epic fail?
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What does epic fail and epic lawl mean?

Lawl means "Laughing a whole lot" epic = Heroic and impressive in quality fail = well... fail.

How a fail?

How a fail? As in, how is this question a total epic fail? It just is.

How do you say epic fail in all other languages?

You dont you epic fail. In order to say epic fail in all other languages that would take about 4.2 hours to type and you would need a special keyboard. So, saying epic fail you're epic failing so you just epic failed and you don't say epic fail in any other languages because- you're an "Epic Failure." Hope This Helps Your Pathetic Failing Epic Life, Sincerely, Nick

Can you give me a sentence using the word epic?

You are an epic fail! haha or that movie was epic

How do you say epic fail in German?

you could say "totaler reinfall" but they also say epic fail (internet slang)

Was the XFL an epic fail?

The xfl was an epic fail; the players were terrible, there was no order at all or much ruling, and the announcers were terrible.

Why is Zuko an epic fail?

he isn't

What makes a fail an epic fail?

When someone asks a question like that.

What is the epic emo fail?

A magor emo epic fail is basically just a poser that completely fails at trying to be an emo kid.

Is Green Day epic?

Yes, Green Day is epic, Green Day should be the definition of epic and more. They surpass the definition.

Why do people say epic fail?

It's usually just for jokes. More often than not, though, they say 'epic fail' because you try so hard to do something, but then you don't succeed, it is an epic fail. But if you try hard for something and you DO succeed, it is an epic win. .....Except epic fails are more fun! And kind of embarrasing, but funny!

What is the Meaning of EFG?

"Epic Fail Guy"

What is the theme to cheaper by the dozen?

epic fail

What do you call a rooted plant?

An Epic-Fail*

Who made the womanizer parody?

Epic fail!

What are the ratings and certificates for Nitro Circus - 2009 Epic Pass Epic Fail 2-9?

Nitro Circus - 2009 Epic Pass Epic Fail 2-9 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

Where did epic fail come from?

Although it's exact origins are highly debated, the meme was popularized by a comic on the website 4chan called "Epic Fail Guy"

What are the release dates for House of Payne - 2006 Epic Fail?

House of Payne - 2006 Epic Fail was released on: USA: 13 April 2011

What are the release dates for Epic Fail of the Wedgie Revenge - 2013?

Epic Fail of the Wedgie Revenge - 2013 was released on: USA: 1 March 2013

What are some different phrases with the word epic?

There is epic fail, epic lawl, epic win, epic owned, epic sex0rz, epic poop, epic pants party, epic fail at life, epicocity, epicness, epic spank, epic shank, epic 1=deag, epic headshot!, epic roflcopterlawlerbbqsauceonmyfacelawl, epic roflhotwater, roflroflrofl, There is man who lived in Mt. Kilamanjaroo who was more epic than the world, he had all over the above attributed and he was a level 70 dwarf. His clothing was epic, and he rode an elephant to Jerusalem where he in fact got crucified. His name... was.... JESUS! Turns out his real name was Jose, and he actually hailed from Mexico, but no one knows this. Not even the christians or jews.. Only me. I am the true definition of Epic, and you must not question my being ever again or else you will be doomed to an eternity of non-epicness and/or epic failures at life xpwntlawlers. Thank you... and please try again.

Definition of Epic monolog?

Braveheart..william wallace. That is the definition of an epic monologue. If you haven't seen braveheart you are not living life.

What were the results of the explorations with Henry Hudson?

epic fail

Are Nicole and chrissy the epic masters of fail?


What kind of economy does Vietnam have?

epic fail economy

What are 3 units for speed?

epic fail man