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n. Raw material required for an industrial process.

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Q: What is the definition of feedstock?
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What is the plural of feedstock?

The plural of feedstock is feedstocks. As in "the feedstocks are there".

Carbon black definition?

A carbon product obtained from liquified carbon feedstock and used mainly in the rubber industry.

Definition of feedstock chemical and sources?

Feed stock is what livestock such as cows, goats, sheep, and horses are fed. There are chemicals in the feed which help give them the nutrients they need. They are usually found at feed stores.

What materials is plastic made from?

petrochemicals, from crude oil feedstock

Does bio diesel smell?

Yes! it does! Even with the engine warmed the smell is still very noticeable. It is related to the feedstock used, if oil-based feedstock is used then it will smell like "french fries". If the feedstock is animal-based fat then it will smell like "pork" or "beef". At least on my 1.9 TDi with catalytic converter.

Is the process of converting nitrogen gas into ammonia?

The process for making ammonia is called Haber-Bosch, but nitrogen gas isn't a feedstock; the process uses nitrogen from the air. The feedstock is hydrogen gas.

What limits the amount of synthetic ethanol produced?

the amount of feedstock avalialble

What is a cellulosic feedstock?

"Cellulosic" means that the material contains cellulose. Cellulose is found in wood, paper, grass and other plant matter. If it is used as a starting point for producing something, such as ethanol, that would make it a feedstock.

Why is methane an important gas?

Methane is a very common fuel and feedstock for chemical industry.

What compound word can you make with this word stock?


Are there any sodium chloride products?

Sodium chloride is an important feedstock for the chemical industry.

Why are hydrocarbons important to humans?

Hydrocarbons are used as fuels, solvents feedstock in organic chemistry.

Why is an acid esterification or pre-treatment step required for processing a tallow feedstock into biodiesel and not required when processing a soybean feedstock?

Because tallow contains more complex sugars that require an additional step before they can be further processed. :)

What does feedstock for chemicals mean?

it means that a chemical or mixture of chemicals, fed into a process in the chemical industry

What treatment does synthetic ethanol feedstock needs?

basically you just think of food! and enjoy xxdx

What is the use of paraffin fraction?

Examples: fuels, lubricants, waxes, feedstock for the petrochemical industry, etc.

What is cyanide used for in industry?

Applications of cyanides:- gold extraction- feedstock for chemical industry- poison

Are many plastics made with chemicals found in petroleum?

The raw feedstock for a lot of polymers is indeed petroleum.

What is a use for Methane?

Primarily for burning as "natural gas" and as feedstock to building various more-complex chemicals.

A mineral that contains a useful substance or element such as iron or aluminum is a(n)?

This is a raw material (feedstock).

What oil is plastic made from?

The feedstock for polymers chemistry may be petroleum, methane gas, coal, plants.

Who uses malt?

About 90 percent of all malting barley grown is used by brewers, with the remainder used as feedstock

What is generally accepted as safe feedstock?

Depends what meaning of 'safe' is assumed. Are we talking about 'safe' for humans, or for the environmenrt as a whole?

What is the industrial use of acetylene?

Acetylene uses:- welding- metals cutting- feedstock for plastics and acrylic products fabrication

What is plastic mainly made of - crude oil silicone corn starch?

The principal feedstock is crude oil (petroleum).