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The distance around something; the circumference.

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Q: What is the definition of girth?
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What is the average girth measurements of Arm flexed, thigh and calf girth ?

8 in girth

What is it called when the girth rubs the horse when it has not been cleaned?

Girth sore or Girth Galls. these can be prevented by cleaning the horse and the girth just before tacking up.

Do women prefer more length or girth?


What is a girth for horses?

the girth straps the saddle to the horse when you are riding

Can you ignore Gary Oak's girth?

No one can ignore his girth.

When was Girth - album - created?

Girth - album - was created in 1997.

What is a girthgall?

it is a sore in the girth area usually caused by the girth rubbing

How do you use the word girth in a sentence?

Help me measure the girth of this tree!

Does girth have anything to do with weight?

well i would tell u if i knew what girth is

Is the girth the same as the cinch?

Yes, a cinch is on a western saddle, a girth is on an English saddle.

What do the words girth and circumference have in common?

The words girth and circumference basically mean the same thing. Circumference is the mathematical term where as girth was originally a plantsman's or forester's term.

What is a girth on a great white shark?

The girth of the great white shark is it's baby the largest one came from a 6.5 meter female and the girth was 4.6 meters

Can a girth of 3 inches go in a women?

Girth is the distance around something, such as the distance around a tree trunk, or a person's waist. A newborn baby has a bigger girth than 3 inches, so no, a woman cannot have a girth of 3 inches. A woman with a normal weight will have a girth (waistline) of around 25 inches.

Do you have to have a fleece girth for showing?

No you do not. You can use a leather girth with no fleece if your horse goes well in that. However synthetic girth are typically frowned upon for showing as they do not look 'good enough' for the show ring. Use which ever type of girth is most comfortable for your horse.

You are 15 and have a 5 inch girth is this normal?

i guess it is cause im 15 wit a 5 inch girth, it just depends on genetics and your health how much girth you should have.

Do you have to loosen the girth on a saddle when some is about to mount the horse?

No, you do not have to loosen the girth before mounting a horse.

Do you have to loosen the girth of the saddle when somebody is about to mount a horse?

HI, No you never loosen the girth you tighten it

What is girth welding?

circumfrencial weld is sometimes referred to as Girth weld. its just another term.

Is 6 inch penis girth good size?

A Girth of 6 inches is above average.

Do you have to loosen the girth of a horse before someone mounts?

move the girth one hole one lower

On a western saddle what do we call the part that is equivalent to an English style girth?

the western equivalent to a girth is a cinch.

How do you keep saddle from rotating when mounting your horse?

To keep the saddle from rotating when you get on your horse you need to tighten the girth. If you have tightened the girth all the way and it is still too loose, you probably need to get a smaller girth.

What is a heartgirth of a horse?

The heart girth is the area that the girth goes. It's the sunken in area behind the front leg.

What is the girth of a right whale?

The girth of a right whale is 4, 000 meters or 40,000 centimeters. Hope this answer helps!

What is the formula cubic feet calculation of rounded wood?