What is the definition of haughtily?


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Haughtily is the adjective of haughty. The definition of haughtily is to be snobby, scornfully arrogant or disdainfully proud and supercilious.


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'She walked away haughtily.'

She glared haughtily at the man who dared insult her intelligence.

haughtily is an adverb. It is describing a look. The word look being a verb.

Martha walked out of the courtroom and appeared to some to give off an arrogant aire, even haughtily sneering at the attorneys.

That his foster family shared vast riches and gentle speech with him, but meted out cruel punishment and spoke haughtily to his people was something that Moses found intolerable. The rich people of the town spoke haughtily to the people.

arrogantly, proudly, loftily, boastfully

If you understand stuck up, then you will understand what haughtily looks like. He thought he was so much better than any one else at the prom.

Haw-til-lee, with accent on first syllable.

scornfully loathingly contempuously spurningly disgustedly detestfully haughtily abhorrantly

arrogantly, contemptuously, haughtily, insolently

To have a more passionate enthusiasm for; to be more haughtily invested; to more intensely enjoy

Didn't is a contraction of two parts of speech, did (verb) and not (adverb).

Insolently means done with arrogance, disdain, contempt, or insubordination. Synonyms could be arrogantly, haughtily, brashly, disrespectfully, impertinently, pertly, presumptuously, or rudely.

Supercilious means to look or behave in a manner where one thinks one is superior to others; haughtily or disdainful. "The look on her face was supercilious, she did not think much of that woman. ".

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