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What is the definition of inductive?

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By definition, inductive means "characterized by the inference of general laws from particular instances." It can also mean "of, relating to, or caused by electric or magnetic induction."

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What is the definition of inductive method?

Roger Bacon established the principles of the INDUCTIVE METHOD, of reaching conclusions based on acquired observations.

What is the definition of inductive thinking?

making a general inference from particulars

Definition of inductive reasoning?

Leads to a result that are less certain than deductive reasoning (Apex)

What is the definition of inductive research?

it is a research that include thorough and proper preparation in regard to the perceptions. by philosopher kola& Mathlape

Definition of a hasty generalization?

An informal fallacy of faulty generalization by reaching an inductive generalization based on insufficient evidence

What is the definition of an inductive reactance?

Opposition to the flow of AC current produced by an inductor. Measured in Ohms and varies in direct proportion to frequency.

What is the definition of inductive reasoning?

Inductive reasoning is " reasoning in which the premises seek to supply strong evidence for (not absolute proof of) the truth of the conclusion. While the conclusion of a deductive argument is supposed to be certain, the truth of the conclusion of an inductive argument is supposed to be probable, based upon the evidence given.". This is the reasoning behind most for scientific and mathematical studies.

What part of speech is the word inductive?

Inductive is an adjective.

In math what is an example of inducting reasonings?

Examples of inductive reasoning are numerous. Lots of IQ or intelligence tests are based on inductive reasoning. Patterns and inductive reasoning are closely related. Find here a couple of good examples of inductive reasoning that will really help you understand inductive reasoning But what is inductive reasoning? Inductive reasoning is making conclusions based on patterns you observe.

What are Deductive and Inductive argument means?

Deductive and Inductive Arguments

What are the letters for Inductive Reactance?

The symbol for inductive reactance is XL.

Is a fluorescent light fitting an inductive or resistive load?


Which law allows you to state a conclusion from two true conditional statements?

Syllogism, logic (deductive or inductive).Syllogism, logic (deductive or inductive).Syllogism, logic (deductive or inductive).Syllogism, logic (deductive or inductive).

What makes an argument inductive?

An argument is inductive when it is based on probability, such as statistics. In an inductive argument, if the premises are true, the conclusion is probably true.

What are inductive and deductive strategies to teach imagery in a novel?

what is inductive strategy?

What are inductive and deductive methods in economics?

inductive is when you observe that something happen

What is the motto of Inductive automation?

Inductive automation's motto is 'Breakthrough to Possible'.

What is more common inductive argument or deductive argument?

Inductive Argument

What is the similarities between inductive and deductive?

What are the similarities between the inductive and deductive reasoning

Fan is inductive load or resistive load?

Inductive since it has a motor with windings.

Is a magnetic coil an inductive load?

Yes, a coil is an example of an inductive load.

How inductive effect is created in ethylene glycol?

The inductive effect is created through

How do you use the word inductive in a sentence?

I came to this conclusion using inductive reasoning. The inductive effect by the wire can create a static charge in the metal case.

What are two advantages of the inductive technique in writing?

Inductive technique trains the mind and gives self confodence Inductive technique gives new knoeledge

How do you put the word inductive in a sentence?

Inductive reasoning uses specific observations to construct general principles.There are essentially two kinds of profiling, inductiveand deductive.