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Q: What is the definition of inner core in science?
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Inner core definition?

the inner part of earths core

What does inner core mean in science?

The inner core is A solid substance made up of iron and nickel

What is the definition of inner core?

In side the earth

Earth inner core definition?

solid center of earth

What do the word inner core mean in science?

The core of the Earth is composed of two layers: the inner core and the outer core. Both are composed mostly of iron and nickel, but the outer core is liquid due to temperatures and the inner core is solid due to additional pressure.

Which is denser the inner core or the outer core?

The mantle is more dense than the asthenosphere, lithosphere, and the crust. The inner core and the outer core are more dense, however. The mantle is also a solid. I am learning this in my science class right now! :)

What is core science?

I can't remember it on the top of my head from my science book. The definition is the core is the inner most layer of the eart and the hottest but is solid, because of pressure from all of the other layers. I have the implanted in my head. The answers I just gave you are REAL! Your welcome.

What are the science contributions of Inje Lehman?

Discoverer of the Earth's Inner Core

What is the definition of the earth's mantel?

The earth's mantle is the coating around the inner core.

Define inner core?

In general the inner part of the core of something. The core of the Earth is made mostly of iron and some nickel. The outer part of the core is liquid, the inner core is under such high pressure that it is solid.

What elements make up the earths's inner core?

The inner core is predominately iron, with some nickel, and trace lighter elements, as far as we can deduce from current science.

What is the deepest layer of the earth?

Inner core