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What is the definition of lax?

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Lax refers to a slackness in enforcing rules.

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What is the definition of lax that is five letters?


What is a definition of Lax Brah?

flat hat, lax penny, mid calf socks, basketball shorts, and jordans. and take ur stick everywhere u go

How do you use the word lax in a sentence?

The class got away with murder because the teacher's discipline was lax. His muscles were lax in sleep.

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What are the ingredients in exlax?

What is tense and lax?

'tense, is tightened and 'lax' is loose

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When was Melvin Lax born?

Melvin Lax was born in 1922.

When did Melvin Lax die?

Melvin Lax died in 2002.

When was Petteri Lax born?

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When did Robert Lax die?

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When was Robert Lax born?

Robert Lax was born in 1915.

When was William Lax born?

William Lax was born in 1761.

When did John Lax die?

John Lax died in 2001.

When was John Lax born?

John Lax was born in 1911.

What is ex lax?

Ex lax is a medication that is used to treat constipation. Ex lax is in a group of medications referred to as laxatives.

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LAX is an airport code that represents Los Angeles. It is a commonly used abbreviation for Los Angeles.

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How do you use lax in a senetence?

The lax boy forgot his keys in his car.

What is the distance between lax and California?

0 kilometers, LAX is in California

How many miles from monterey to LAX?

It is 349 miles from Monterey to LAX.

What the Latin word for lax?

adj: The Latin word for "lax" is "remissus"

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