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What is the definition of main menu?

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The ROOT. The Starting Point. The Beginning of the Menu. The First Step in the entire process.

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Definition of standardized menu?

standardized menu

What is the definition of static menu?

A menu that rarely changes is static.

How do you say main menu in French?

Main menu or main course: le plat principal

Definition of menu planning?

Planning what to serve/prices etc. for the menu.

What is the definition of a menu bar?


What is the definition of market menu?


What does the phrase main menu mean?

, Main menu is simply where something is started on. Like if you go to Google the first screen you get is the main menu. Made by, Alie :)

Where is Main menu of assassins creed?

There is no main menu in Assassin's Creed one but there is a menu is Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood.

How do you get to the main menu on a new itouch?

you push on the bottom button of the i touch and it will change to the main menu.

How do you get to the chaets menu in nfs carbon?

There isn't one... Go to the main menu (the one after the title screen) enter the code at the main menu.

What is the definition of AQ on a restaurant menu?

"As Quoted."

What is the computer definition of menu?

for the menu with the windows logo it is called a "taskbar" but most of the time they just call a menu's for a menu

What is the use of navigate icon?

to add the the menu and main menu

Where is DS menu?

When you turn on the DS, the main screen is the menu.

What is the windows menu that is the main gateway to your computer?

The start menu.

Cheats for the legends of the dragon fist?

What you need to do is you need to go to the main menu and select weapons to more. Once your done go back to the main menu. Once on the main menu type in cheats. The Edit list will come up. After this go back to the main menu. Repeat the last two sentences. Once you have done this and your on the main menu. Type in c. Then go back to the main menu and type in o. Now you can pick some of the people that you verse.

Menu planning definition?

Menu planning is the selection of a menu for an event. Such as picking out the dinner for your wedding or even a meal at a Birthday Party.

Where is the ATV off road fury cheat code menu?

The menu for cheat code entery on ATV Off Road Furry 2 is in the options menu on the main title. (main menu.)

Can you hide main menu in Joomla?

In Joomla! administration... Extensions > Module Manager. Disable the Main Menu module.

Where is the showroom on monster jam Wii?

When you get to the main menu there's a showroom at the bottom of the main menu and you have to unlock the movies

What does the main menu on iPhone look like?

An iPhone main menu is known the Home Screen. It is where all the apps are.

Where is the main menu in guitar hero encore?

To get to the main menu, you have to: 1.) turn ON your Ps2 2.)wait (or skip) for all of the mini clips to finish 3.)pick your band 4.)your AT THE MAIN MENU!

What is a menu that extends from a main menu on Windows Xp called?


How do you open the extras menu in Tomb Raider legends?

Go to the main menu then go to the extras menu

What is the home button for on the wii?

It sends you home for example. You are playing a game and you want to go to the main menu you press the home button and it sends you to the main menu of Wii ( The main menu which you always will be on when you turn on the Wii.)