What is the definition of mast?

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A pole on a boat that holds spars or sails.

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Q: What is the definition of mast?
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What is the definition of mast for ship?

An upright pole on a ship to support sails or antennae.

What is the definition and proper spelling of the word mast?

"Mast"A vertical pole rising out of the deck of a ship (to which sails are sometimes attached).Nuts of forest trees accumulated on the ground.A vertical pole anchored to the ground to act as an antenna.

How do you use the word mast in a sentence?

a mast is like an adventure you can use your rubber bands and for short,(to answer your question)a mast is a mast

What is the mast on the hull of a ship called?

Depending on the size and classification of the vessel there may be more than one mast these are referred to, generally, as the fore mast, main mast and mizzen mast at the stern.

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What is a pole in the middle of a sailboat that holds up the sail called?


What is the Mast in front of a ship?

The front mast is called the Foremast. Sometimes it is called the mizzen mast.

What is a ship's main mast?

The main mast is the tallest of all masts on the ship. If all masts are the same height, then the one with the top navigationlight is the main mast. If there is only one mast, then that would be the main mast.

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