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The number of protons is less than the number of electrons in an atom.

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When do atoms become negatively charged?

Atoms become negatively charged when it gains an electron

Are electron negatively charged atoms?

No. An electron is negatively charged but it is not an atom. It is a subatomic particle and the negatively charged component of an atom.

Which type of compound is composed of negatively and positively charged atoms?

Ionic compounds are composed of negatively and positively charged atoms.

Why are atoms positively or negatively charged?

Atoms that are positively or negatively charged, called ions, are charged because they have gained or lost electrons from their neutral configuration.

What is a postively and negatively charged atoms?

Postive charged atoms are protons. Negative charged atoms are electrons. Nutrons have no charge.

Negatively charged particle?

Electrons are the negatively charged particles in atoms. This is not an entertainment and arts question.

What are negatively charged particles in atoms called?

The negatively charged atomic particle is called a electron.

What is a negatively charged particle that is one of three basic building blocks of atoms?

Electrons are negatively charged and are found with protons and neutrons in atoms.

What is true of an atoms nucleus?

negatively charged and takes up most of the atoms space Takes up most of the atoms mass and is negatively charged

Are negatively charged atoms?

Yes, there are negatively charged atoms. In each atom, there are protons, which are positively charged, neutrons, which are neutrally charged (neither positive or negative), and lastly electrons, the negatively charged particles that travel outside of each atom in an electron cloud. So yes, there are negatively charged particles in each atom.

Positively and negatively charged atoms?


Are positively and negatively charged atoms?

No, ions are.

Why are positively charged atoms drawn smaller than negatively charged atoms?

Atoms lose electrons to form positively charged cations and have cations smaller size. Atoms gain electrons to form negatively charged anions and hence they have larger size.

What kind of charged does an atom have?

Atoms are neutrally, positively, or negatively charged.

Positively or negatively charged group of atoms?

A charged atom is an ion.

Does every atom have a negatively charged nucleus surrounded by negatively charged electrons?

No. Every atom has a positively charged nucleus surrounded by negatively charged electrons.Unless you are talking about antimatter. The atoms of antimatter have negatively charged nuclei and surrounded by positively charged positrons

The negatively charged particles in atoms are called?


Which species are isoelectronic with nitride ion?

Doubly negatively charged oxide ions, singly negatively charged fluoride ions, and neon atoms are isoelectronic with triply negatively charged nitride ions.

How do you know atoms have a nucleus?

because they will attract if a negatively charged object is brought close to it since it contains protons which are negatively charged.

Is a helium atom negatively charged?

No. Helium atoms in the gas state are neutrally charged.

Are atoms are composed of?

atoms are made up of positively charged protons, negatively charged electrons and electrically neutral neutrons

What is the negatively charged particle found in all atoms?


What happens when atoms gain electrons?

They become negatively charged

Is a negatively charged atom or group of atoms?

That is a negative ion.

What happens when a atoms becomes negatively charged?

they die off