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What is the definition of oxidation?

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Oxidation is the combination of a substance with oxygen. It is a reaction in which the atoms of an element lose electrons and the charge of the element increases.

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What is the sum of the oxidation numbers in the phosphate ion?

-3. The sum of oxidation numbers of the atoms in all polyatomic ion is the net charge - its part of the definition of oxidation number.

What is oxidation number on nitrogen in N2?

zero. N2 is the elemental form of nitrogen and by definition a pure element has oxidation number zero.

What is oxidation numbers in chemistry?

The official definition of IUPAC is the following:"Oxidation state of an atom is the charge of this atom after ionic approximation of its heteronuclear bonds,(and the term oxidation number is nearly synonymous)".

What does a molecule that has been oxidized have?

Well it has less electrons than it had before. That is the definition of oxidation. The loss of electrons is oxidation. The gain of electrons is reduction.

What is the modern definition of oxidation in a process?

A set of chemical treatment procedure design to remove organic and inorganic material in waste water by oxidation.

What CHEMICAL burns just about anything?

Oxygen, as Oxidation is the very definition of "burning".

What is the scientific definition for reaction?

Either a oxidation or a reduction, depending on where the electrons are moving.

What is oxidation equation?

Iron+water+oxygen Oxidation by chemistry definition does not always involve oxygen. EX: 2 Na + Cl2 --> 2 NaCl

What is the definition of phenolase?

An oxidoreductase enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of phenols and other related substances.

What is a blackhead-?

The official definition of the word blackhead is "a plug of sebum in a hair follicle, darkened by oxidation."

What is the oxidation state of h in h2 g?

zero- H2 is the elemental form- by definition the ON# is zero

What is the oxidation number of carbon-atom in diamond and graphite?

Pure diamond and pure graphite are composed only of elemental carbon; therefore, the oxidation number of the carbon atoms is 0 by definition.

What is the definition of transition metal?

A metal that has incompletely filled d-orbitals in its ground state or in any of its oxidation states.

What is the oxidation number of metallic iron in the elemental state?

Zero. In the elemntal stae all elemnts have an ON of zero by definition.

What is the oxidation number of bromime gas?

Bromine gas (or bromine in any other state of matter except plasma) is a chemical element, and the oxidation number of any element in its elemental state is zero by definition.

Are all reactions that form compounds from elements a redox reaction?

Yes, because an element is in oxidation state ZERO. A reaction is redox only when there is a change in oxidation state of relevant species. So if a compound is formed from elements (as opposed to other compounds) there by definition has to be a change in oxidation state.

What is the oxidation number of nh2 oh?

The oxidation states of nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen would be -I, +I and -II respectively. Often the terms oxidation number and oxidation state are used interchangeably. However the formal definition of oxidation number ligands are removed from the central atom (irrespective of electronegativity) with ALL bonding electrons. So in H2NOH choosing N as the central atom the oxidation numbers of nitrogen would be +III, H and OH would be -I. (This convention is usually applied to complexes where treating H as a hydride ligand is reasonable)

Why don't Fe rust when exposed to N?

Rust - by definition - is oxidation. It requires oxygen. If it's exposed to nitrogen, it's not oxidizing.

When is a substance oxidized?

The chemistry definition of oxidation is the loss of electrons. Na atoms react by losing an electron, so they are being oxidized.

What is chemical oxygen demand definition?

Chemical oxygen demand is the necessary oxygen to be used in water chemical reactions (oxidation of iseveral impurities).

The oxidation state of CoCO3?

Co = +2 oxidation C = +4 oxidation O = -2 oxidation

What is a simple definition of the term Bacterial Oxidation?

This process is a natural alternative to pressure oxidation for process ores containing sulfides. In essence, bacteria oxidize and break down the sulfide minerals, freeing the occluded metal and making it more amenable to leaching.

What is the oxidation state of magnesium?

Oxidation state: +2

Is oxidation endothermic?

Oxidation is exothermic, (e.g. Combustion is exothermic, and it is a form of Oxidation)

What is the oxidation number for C2H2?

Carbon oxidation = -4 Hydrogen oxidation = +1

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