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In relation to earth sciences or geography, physical features are things such as landforms, bodies of water, climate, natural vegetation and soil.

In other contexts, physical features are attributes/characteristics that are visible - such as blue eyes.
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What is definition of physics?

The study of interaction between matter and energy! Physics is the science of matter and its motion, as well as spaceand time. It is the science that deals with concepts such as force,energy, mass, and charge. As an experimental science, its goal isto understand the natural world.

What is a good definition for cultural feature?

Answer . Cultural Resource Management is, essentially, a process by which the protection and management of the multitudinous but scarce elements of cultural heritage are given some consideration in a modern world with an expanding population and changing needs. Often equated with archaeology, CR ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of physics?

Some people would call it 'Natural Philosophy'. My dictionary says 'a branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. The subject matter of physics is distinguished from chemistry and biology, includes mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, m ( Full Answer )

Major physical features of Japan?

There are a variety of physical features of Japan. Some of theseinclude rivers, mountains, volcanoes, coastline, as well as forest.

What are the physical features of a kangaroo?

Kangaroos are grey-brown, red-brown or golden-brown marsupials, meaning they are pouched mammals. Their young are born extremely undeveloped, about the size of a kidney bean, and make their way from the mother's birth canal, up a track through her fur which she prepares by licking, to her pouch. The ( Full Answer )

What are the physical features of Winnipeg?

rivers.....thats it ==== Winnipeg, and the area surrounding it for many kilometers, is very flat. It is also prone to spring flooding, but a water diversion channel which was dug around the east side of Winnipeg alleviates much of this problem.

What are the physical features of Saturn?

Saturn is a gas giant, the second largest planet, and it's an outer planet. Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun. Saturn has rings of dust and ice rotating around it's equator. Saturn has sixty-two moons, the second most of any planet.

What are physical features in Nicaragua?

Flag and country information - Republic of NICARAGUA . Area - 127,849 sq km / 49,363 sq ml. Capital - Managua. Language - Spanish, native Indian, English. Currency - Cordoba. Population - 5,128,517. Life expectancy - 65 (men), 68 (women). Literacy rate - 81%. Religions - 95% Roman ( Full Answer )

What are the Physical features Thailand?

inthanon mountain, khorat plateau, central plain, and the chao phraya riverresorts, waterfalls, islands, rainforests, main cities, and temples. By: Scarlett Emberton

What are the physical features of Madagascar?

River(s): The Mananara River, Mangoro River, and The Maningory River. Lake(s): (Also Madagascar's largest lake) Lake Alatora. Surrounding body of water: Indian Ocean. Mountain range(s): Tsaratanana Mountain Range.

What are some physical features of Wisconsin?

Much of Wisconsin is farm land. There are rock formations andbluffs along the Mississippi River. There are a few larger citieslike Madison, La Crosse, and Milwaukee. The Wisconsin River is atourist attraction known around the world as Wisconsin Dells.

What is the definition of biological features?

Biological features are sets of characteristics that makes upplants and animals. All living organisms have biological features,but they vary greatly depending on the species.

The definition for human features?

A human feature is like the weather or just nature in general - you can see the affects it is causing, but you cant actually see it.

What is the physical features?

If you are talking about the meaning, then it means how someone or something looks. If you are referring to a pencil's physical features, you might say: . it has a small eraser at the top . tall at first . not sharpened ( sometimes it is sharpened when it is packaged) and etc. If you ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of features in journalism?

A feature article may be defined as a detailed presentation of facts in an interesting form adapted to rapid reading, for the purpose of entertaining or informing the average person. It usually deals with (1) recent news that is of sufficient importance to warrant elaboration; (2) timely or seasonal ( Full Answer )

What are cobra's physical features?

General Information King Cobra Scientific Classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Reptilia Order: Squamata Suborder: Serpentes Family: Elapidae Genus: Ophiophagus Species: O. hannah The largest poisonous snake would be the King Cobra (Ophiophagus hanna), ( Full Answer )

What are the physical features in central Africa?

The physical features of Central Africa include large rivers, lush rain forests, and some of the highest mountains in Africa. The main physical features here are the Congo Basin, the Congo River, and the Zambezi..

What is the definition for text features?

Text features are parts of your textbook that have been created to help you locate and learn information. Text features are used in designing and organizing the pages of your textbook. The title page and table of contents are text features you can find at the beginning of books. Headings, graph ( Full Answer )

What are some physical features of Oregon?

Some physical features of Oregon are hills, lakes, rivers, theBlue-Wallowa Mountains, the Klamath Mountains, the Columbia RiverGorge, Cascade Mountains, Forest Park in Portland, valleys, andbeautiful coastlines.

What physical features do platypuses have?

The platypus, a monotreme (egg-laying mammal) native to Australia, has a number of unique features. . The platypus has a sensitive bill equipped with electro-receptors, with which it senses tiny electrical impulses from underwater insect larvae, snails, worms, small fish, and crustaceans on which ( Full Answer )

Physical features at the Arctic Ocean?

ICEBERG! ICEBERG RIGHT AHEAD! Sea ice is one of the dominant physical features for most of these areas, with coverage ranging from year-round cover in the central Arctic Ocean to seasonal cover in most of the remaining areas. Exceptions occur over the deep basins, which are ice-free throughout ( Full Answer )

What is the features of the high definition video?

HD video is a television standard that contains approximately 5 times the amount of data as standard definition television signals. HD is formatted as either 1080 line or 720 line. Both line counts are HD. 1080 line signals can be interlaced or progressive scan. (Interlaced requires two fields, or ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of social features?

social features are personalities of yourself explained and told socially; so if i were to say my hair color is turquoise with British accent that tells you that i am British and it is what people found out about me by talking to me. but social features are tricky because anything you say has to be ( Full Answer )

What are the features of Alfred marshall's definition?

Features of Marshall's definition of economics are: 1. study of material requisites of well-being - it indicates that economics is only the study of material aspects of a well-being. 2. consentrates on the ordinary business of life - these definitions show that economics deals with the stu ( Full Answer )

What are the features of high definition camcorders?

"High Definition camcorders are often at the top end of a companies camcorder lineup and come with a number of features like optical and digital zoom, jitter and motion correcting as well as a whole host of editing and recording functions."

Is the US a human feature or physical feature?

The United States is a human feature. Countries are created by people, so they are human features. However, all countries have many physical features, such as mountains, plains, rivers, etc.