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What is the definition of reality?

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A simple definition of virtual reality?

A 3D environment you can interact with, like reality - but virtual.

What is the definition of be?

"be" - To exist in actuality, have life or reality.

What is the definition of Buddhism in the west?

one who is enlighten to the ultimate reality of all thingd.

What is the definition for philosophy?

Philosophy is the search for wisdom and enlightenment, especially the ultimate reality.

What is the definition of nominal definition of philosophy?

The nominal definition of philosophy is the study of fundamental and general problems. These are problems which are related to mind, language, knowledge, values, reason, existence and reality.

What is the definition of the word meretricious?

The definition of the word meretricious is apparently attractive but having in reality no value or integrity. For example: The souvenirs at the airport were meretricious.

Why reality is interactional?

reality is interactional because it can influence other things or people. The actual definition of interactional is something that is capable of acting or influencing something else.

What is the definition of Illusion?

Illusion means something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.

What is the definition for advaita?

The definition of Advaita Vedanta is non-dualism or monism, the doctrine that declares that there is only one reality, that the individual Self and the Brahman are classed as one.

What is the Definition of career aspiration?

what you want for the future and your desire and dreams that were once hopes but now can be altered into reality

What is the definition of invented texture?

a form of visual texture that has been created without reference to perceptual reality..

Is behavior an antonym?

If the definition of behaviour is 'appearance or pretense' then the opposite of behaviour is reality, so yes it is an antonym.

How do you know you are not dreaming at this very moment?

Reality is a personal space created in ones mind. There is no definition that will suit all scenarios. If one is to dream a reality, can one not also realize a dream?

What is the definition of social reality?

"a level of phenomena that emerges through social interactions and that cannot be reduced to the intention of individuals."

Which is the best definition of irony?

When there is a difference between appearance and reality

What is the definition of the term cultural invasion?

Cultural invasion is the invasion of a culture by an outsider who gratuitously tries to help its inhabitants, in reality their victims.

Why must something be moved whenever work is done?

Not true ... in reality. Your question relate to a definition of work used in many text books.

What is Near-Reality?

Near-Reality and Virtual-Reality are close to, but not exactly reality. Its almost there, but not completely.

Can you give me a definition of the concept social reality with credible source (e.g. scholar's definition)?

You need to answer this question question because we don’t do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson.

What is the meaning of advaita?

It is the doctrine of the oneness of the individual soul and the Supreme God which is the Ultimate Reality.The Definition of Advaita is Sajatiya Vijatiya Swagata Bheda Rahita.

What is the definition of the word hallucinations?

The word hallucinations means a perception of objects with no reality. Usually brought on by the use of drugs such as LSD or from a disorder of the nervous system.

Can worlds of fiction exist by magical thinking?

No. Fiction, by definition, does not exist, and thinking it is real or wanting it to be real does not change that. Your thoughts can only affect reality insofar as they affect your actions, and the effects of your actions are limited by what is possible. Bringing fictional worlds into reality is not possible.

Is generation gap a myth or a reality?

a reality a reality

The reality in reality tv is?

That 90 percent is not reality

What does philosophy most likely mean?

The official definition for the word philosophy is "the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, esp. when considered as an academic discipline."