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Recycling is a form of reuse that requires changing or reprocessing an item or natural resource. When we reuse objects, or make them into new things, the old material is not wasted, and new material does not have to be produced.

It can also include passing things on to others that you no longer use or want. It is something that we need to do to help out our environment. Recycling mean returning used materials to use, rather than disposing of them as waste. Materials such as metals, paper, cardboard, glass, and some plastics can be used to make new items. Other items may find new uses, or be decomposed to their original material state.

Some materials, such as rubber, may still be incinerated rather than recycled, because of the nature of their chemical composition. Recycling means to put the object back into the cycle of it's inanimate life.

A plastic bottle will be cleaned up or melted for more plastic to use in making more plastic bottles.

This is an unending cycle, thus we call it Recycling

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In material terms, to recycle means to use again, including reprocessing materials.

In mechanical terms, it means to reset or repeat a cycle of operation.

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Q: What is the definition of recycle?
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