What is the definition of tenement?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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A building containing several dwellings.

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Q: What is the definition of tenement?
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Which of these was not associated with tenement living?

Cooperatives are not associated with tenement living.

When was The Tenement Year created?

The Tenement Year was created in 1988-03.

Is tenement and verd?

Tenement is a noun, as in an apartment or a room rented by a tenant

What is a sentence with the word tenement?

This tenement is slated for demolition next month.

Where can someone find information about the Tenement museum?

Additional information regarding the Tenement museum located in New York, can be found on the Tenement's website. Wikipedia also has a general write up regarding the Tenement museum.

When was Tenement Symphony created?

Tenement Symphony was created on 1991-10-04.

When was Acrobatic Tenement created?

Acrobatic Tenement was created on 1996-08-18.

When was Branchville Railroad Tenement created?

Branchville Railroad Tenement was created in 1853.

When was Ashland Mill Tenement created?

Ashland Mill Tenement was created in 1855.

What is a sentence with tenement in it?

a tenement is a crowded apartment building built to become a slum.

Sentence with the word tenement?

Freedom of speech is a central and sacred tenet of any democracy

What is the duration of The Record of a Tenement Gentleman?

The duration of The Record of a Tenement Gentleman is 1.2 hours.