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3 sided geometric figures

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What are congruent triangles?

The definition of congruent is in agreement or harmony. In the case of figures, triangles in particular are congruent if they have identical corresponding angles and sides.

Similar triangles are triangles whose corresponding?

angles are congruent. That is sufficient to force the corresponding sides to be proportional - which is the other definition of similarity.

Why are two congruent triangles also similar?

Search Definition of Congruency

What is the definition of obtuse triangles?

A angle that sums up to 180 degress

What is the definition of the trigonometry?

It means the measurements and properties of 3 sided shapes such as triangles

Why are similar triangles the basis for trigonometry?

That's the definition of trigonometry. Triangles are completely dependent upon their side lengths, and can be defined by only three values.

Why do similar triangles have the same trigonometric ratios?

Trigonometric ratios are characteristics of angles, not of lengths. And, by definition, the corresponding angles an similar triangles have the same measures.

Definition of plane trigonometry?

The study of the ratios of the sides and angles of triangles in the same plane.

How many sides does a obtuse isosceles triangle have?

By definition, all triangles have 3 sides.

What triangle has 6 sides?

No triangle has six sides. All triangles by definition have three sides.

What is the definition to pie chart?

A round chart divided into triangles showing sizes of various things.

A type of triangle with congruent angles?

an equiangular triangle (and by definition, equilateral triangles are always equiangular too)

What is Definition of a square pyramid?

A polyhedron of which one face is a square, and the other faces are triangles with a common vertex.

A triangle with thirteen side is called?

If it has thirteen sides it isn't a triangle. Triangles by definition have three sides.

Do equilateral triangles have at least two congrent sides?

Equilateral triangles have three congruent sides. That's the definition of an equilateral triangle. If it doesn't have three congruent sides, then it's not an equilateral triangle.

Do all triangles have two acute angles?

INCORRECT: No because there is a obtuse triangle and a right triangleCORRECT ANSWERYes all triangles have at least two acute angles. Obtuse triangles and right triangles also have at least two acute angles. They are called obtuse triangles and right triangles because by definition they are triangles with ONE obtuse angle and ONE right angle. So therefore they both have 2 acute angles. Also for an acute triangle, it would have 3 acute angles.

Give the definition of similar triangle?

Similar triangles means they have the same lengths OR the corresponding lengths have equal ratios.

What triangle shows medians bisect the sides of a triangle?

Medians bisect the sides of ALL triangles. That is what a median is, by definition!

Are all equilateral triangles isosceles angles?

An equilateral TRIANGLE is not an isosceles ANGLE. However, all equilateral triangles are isosceles triangles. By definition, an isosceles triangle has at least two sides that are congruent. An equilateral has three sides that are congruent, thus an equilateral triangle is an isosceles triangle.

What is the definition of geometric pattern?

The definition of a geometric pattern is a motif, pattern, or design depicting abstract, nonrepresentational shapes such as lines, circles, ellipses, triangles, rectangles, and polygons. Nick

Do isosceles triangles have all equal sides?

Some people classify isosceles triangles as having at least two equal sides, while other say that they must have exactly two equal sides. So, depending on your definition, some isosceles triangles may have all equal sides, but equilateral triangles always have three equal sides.

All equilateral triangles are also isosceles triangles?

True or False, depending on your definition of isosceles triangles!Actually, whether your answer is true or false depends upon your definition of an isosceles triangle. Some mathematicians define an isosceles triangle as one with at least two sides, while others define an isosceles triangle as one with exactly two sides. The latter definition is the more generally accepted one. Since an equilateral triangle has three, not exactly two congruent sides, people using the second definition of isosceles triangles would say that the statement is false, not true.False because an equilateral triangle has 3 equal sides whereas an isosceles triangle has only 2 equal sides

What is the definition for angle side angle?

In the context of congruent triangle theorems, it means that a pair of angles in corresponding locations in two triangles, and the sides that are included between them, are congruent. That being the case, the two triangles are congruent.

What is triangle x 27?

27 triangles.27 triangles.27 triangles.27 triangles.

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