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Someone or thing which the observer finds unattractive

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What is the definition of batula?


What is the definition of stress words?

your ugly

What us the definition of ugly?

Aaron Green

What is the definition of patterns of change?

you ugly face

Are there ugly people?

god created men in his own image. the definition of ugly is in ones eyes beauty.

What is the definition of arrow dynamics?

arrow dyamics are your ugly face

What is the definition of repulsive?

It means extremely ugly and horrible to look at.

What is the definition for cellular communication?

fat ugly people having sex

What is the definition of an algorithm in C programming?

it is a person who is very ugly and depressed

What is Garrett Tyler poppells definition?

ugly likes to be cool in front of his friends 18 computer freak ugly meanie single !!! senior mustache beard not very long though Georgia bulldog hat ugly

What is the definition of tart?

A tart is slapper or ugly, offensive in a appearance trout. Or the sweet pastry dish.

What is the definition of grimace?

* to grimace - to pull a face * grimace (noun) - an ugly expression on one's face

What is the definition for the word appearance?

it is how you look you could be pretty beautiful sad angry mad ugly or just you

What does butter mean in slang?

- The definition of butters is yellow teeth and they're crooked - The other definition of butters is ugly - Or that a women is wearing short dresses at a old age

Are Pekingese dogs ugly or cute?

This is only a matter of opinion, as there is no strict definition of "cute" and "ugly". The answer will vary between different people, and will always be subjective. Please discuss your opinions in the discussion area.

What is the definition of haggish?

It means like a hag (which means A witch, especially one in the form of an ugly old woman)

Is Whoopi Goldberg considered ugly I think it depends on what ones definition of beauty is. If you are a person who strictly considers the outward appearance then you would consider her unattractive?

That depends on your definition of ugly. The saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is true. We need to learn to look past the physical and into the heart and soul. I have met people that would be considered ugly by some people yet I considered them to be very beautiful for who they are inside.

What is the definition of demise?

Demise means the ulitmate end, or final decisionCome to an end prematurely and normally in ugly circumstances.

Why is Susan Boyle ugly?

Susan Boyle's LooksIt all depends on your definition of ugly. She is certainly not a beautiful woman, but then neither are the majority of women around the world. She is not ugly. Her looks without make-up could be said to be plain, but that can be said of a large number of women celebrities. There is another type of ugly that people often overlook. That is the ugliness that people have on the inside that causes them to be mean toward others. In that respect Susan Boyle is not ugly, either. She's had her ups and downs and had what can be classified as "ugly moments," but then haven't we all?

Is Zelda Ugly in Legend of Zelda?

That's entirely up to your individual definition of the word. I'd go for a no as her character was designed to be attractive.

What is the definition of Jaskran?

I don't know the definition of Jaskran that thing is so ugly not even the smartest scientist in the world know's what a Jaskran. I mean By the time a scientist gets a hold of it he would be dead I call it a a.

What mindless behavior number for booking parties?

ugly ugly ugly ugly

Definition of truffle?

A truffle is a food.Another term for a truffle is a friendless loser, fat short person, ugly.(There is a truffle at my school(2.))

What does the name Mikeyia mean?

she dirty, fat , ugly and wa=ear glasses <====== no where near the definition if you going to put the meaning on here do it right.

How ugly is too ugly?

More uglyLol