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word form is using words to write a #

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A fact is something that is true and you have information to back it up , an opinion is what someone think ,Ex that was the worst game ever. Worst the the opinion word because somebody meant think that is the best game ever.

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Q: What is the definition of word form in math?
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The definition for the word math stem?

math stem

Definition for the math word odd?

Odd numbers are those of the form 2k+1 for some integer k.

What is the definition for decimal form?

a form of decimal in a math problem

What is the full word form for math?

The full word form for math is mathematics. Note: "Maths" is not a word.

What is the math word definition for discrete?


What is word form for math?

somhing that has to do with math

What math word has a definition called symbols that represent?


What is the definition for word form in math?

its the basic defination but you gotta aptymize( dont know how to spell) the word to come up with the word form in mathmy teacher told me that mr habocoks ( Hab- O- Cok)credits to him always the best teacher

What is a word in math that the definition is how often something happends?

The word for which you are looking is Frequency.

What is a multiplicative relationship in math?

There is no definition since, unfortunately, there is no such word as multicative.

What is the math definition for the word dividend?

a number by which another number, the dividend, is divided.

What is the math definition of a leg?

The two sides in a right triangle that form the right angle.

Is anatomy a form of math?

no- anatomy is not a branch of math nor a math term. Anatomy is a word from biological science.

What is the definition of arithmetic?

it is a Greek word meaning the Science of Numbers or the Art of CountingThe word arithmetic is a noun. Its definition signifies it as the specific branch of math that deals with numbers only.

What is the definition of the word grumptious?

an urban form of the word grumpy

What does word form mean in math form?

To write numbers using words.

What is expended form of basic?

Definition of Expanded Form explained with real life illustrated examples. Also learn the facts to easily understand math glossary with fun math worksheet online ..

What is the definition of geometry in math?

The word geometry simply means land or earth measurements.

What is the definition for the math word Hypotenuse?

The side of a right triangle opposite the right angle.

What is the definition of the word distributive in math?

serving to distribute, assign, allot, or divide. Answer on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is 0.02 in word form for math?

two hundredths.

What is the definition of population in math?

Population in math definition is the group of people that participated in a survey

What is the definition for standard notation in math form?

The manner in which numbers are normally written Ex. 187

What is the definition for Scinentific Notation in math form?

The way that big numbers are formed in a small number.

What is a possessive form of word?

The singular possessive form is word's, for example the word's definition.