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Q: What is the density of a 75g block of wood measuring 12cm8cm9cm?
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What is the density of a block of wood measuring 9cm2cm6cm with a mass of 5.4 grams?

Density= Volume/Mass. Therefore: (9x2x6)divided by 5.4g=Density. 108cm/5.4g=Density. 20=Density.

Uses of block of wood in physics?

A block of wood is sometimes used in the laboratory to elevate certain objects. Often, a lab-jack is used instead of a wooden block.

What is the density of the wood block?

Density = Mass/Volume

Will a block of wood with a mass of 1000 grams will sink in water?

No. It doesn't matter how heavy a block of wood is, it depends on the density of the wood. Generally wood floats as the density of wood is lighter than the density of the water, so it would float.

Which has a higher density a 5-g wood block on a 10g wood block of same material?


How is the mass of a wood block related to its volume?

Density of wood = mass/volume

What is the density of a block of wood measuring 9cmX2cmX6cm with a mass of 5.4g?

Density = mass/volume = 5.4g/(9*2*6) cm3 = 5.4/108 cm3 = 0.05 g/cm3. Balsa, one of the least dense woods, has a density of 0.16 g/cm3 which is more than 3 times the "density" of your wood! So have you discovered a super-light wood species?

Rectangular Block of Wood in density?

A triple-beam balance can be used. The units could be g/ml the density of a normal wood is 0.88 but a wood block in density can be anything under 1 so it can be 0.95,0.54,etc. waters density is 1 and would can float on water so wood is anything below 1.

If a block of wood has a volume of 40 cubic cm and a mass of 30 grams what is its density?

Density is mass divided by volume. This block of wood is therefore 0.75g per cubic cm.

What part of the block of wood remains immersed in water of density 1000kg per cm cube when the block of wood placed in water has density 700 Kg per m cube?

-- The aggregate density of the wood block is 700/1000 = 0.7 the density of water. -- So, as soon as the wood has displaced 0.7 of its volume in water, it has displaced its entire weight in water, and floats. -- The wood floats with 0.7 of its volume below the surface and 0.3 of its volume above it.

How do carpenters use math?

Carpentars use math many times when: * Using a measuring tape * measuring a block of wood * how long to cut a block of wood * when talking about sizes of wood * and when talking about cords of firewood

What is theweight of a block of wood iin pounds?

A block of wood can be of different sizes; this will affect the mass, and weight, a lot. To a lesser degree, the weight of a block of wood will also depend on the density, since different types of wood have different densities.