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In the gas phase (which is how it exist at room temperature and standard pressure), it will depend on the temperature and pressure.

See the Related Questions link about the Ideal Gas Law (the density is grams per volume, which can be found from moles per liter if you then use the molar mass to convert moles to grams).

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What is the density of carbon monoxide at room temperature?

The density of carbon monoxide at room temperature 1,14 g/L.

Is carbon monoxide lighter that air?

No. Carbon monoxide is about the same density as air.

What is the vapor density of carbon monoxide?


If carbon monoxide is heavier than oxygen then why install carbon monoxide detectors on ceilings?

Carbon monoxide is actually close to the same density of air. It is carbon dioxide that is denser than air.

Which is denser carbon monoxide or sulphur dioxide?

density of CO = 0.789 g/cm³ density of SO2 = 2.63 g/cm³ So sulphur dioxide is denser than carbon monoxide.

How can you obtain carbon monoxide from the mixture of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide?

We can separate it by the diffusion method. CO has the vapour density of 14g/lit and CO2 has 22g/lit.

Is carbon monoxide near ceiling or floor?

Carbon monoxide is about the same density as air, so it will diffuse freely, without any tendency to sink or float.

Is carbon monoxide lighter than air?

CO is lighter than airAt 25 degrees Celsius and 1 atm of pressure, carbon monoxide's density is 1.145kg/m3, and the density of air is 1.1839kg/m3. So carbon monoxide is slightly lighter than air.

When you exhale do you breathe out carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide?

of course we breathe out carbon dioxide not carbon monoxide

How much carbon monoxide does soda have?

Soda does not have any amounts of carbon monoxide. It has carbon dioxide dissolved in it, but no carbon monoxide.

Does a carbon monoxide monitor detect carbon dioxide?

No. Carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide are different substances with different properties.

How does carbon monoxide cause cancer?

No. You can't get Cancer from Carbon Monoxide. You die from Carbon Monoxide instantly.

Does charcoal contain carbon monoxide?

It does not contain carbon monoxide, but it will likely produce carbon monoxide when burned.

Is carbon monoxide c02?

no that is carbon dioxide,carbon monoxide is CO

What is the pH of carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide has no pH.

What elements are in carbon-monoxide?

oxygen and carbon

What colour is carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is colourless

What do you use carbon monoxide for?

carbon monoxide is a gas

What do you breathe in when you breathe in carbon monoxide?

carbon monoxide

What are uses for canned carbon monoxide?

Canned carbon monoxide can be used to test carbon monoxide alarms and sensors.

Word equation for carbon monoxide?

Carbon+oxegen(arrow) carbon monoxide

How does carbon monoxide form?

when carbon combines with oxygen1 it forms carbon monoxide

Is carbon monoxide CO2?

No, carbon monoxide is CO. CO2 is carbon dioxide.

Is carbon monoxide a metal?

No. Carbon monoxide is a compound of the nonmetals carbon and oxygen.

Is carbon monoxide and element or compound?

Carbon monoxide is a compound made of the elements carbon and monoxide.Another answer: Carbon monoxide is a compound which contains atoms of the elements Carbon and Oxygen. It has the chemical formula CO.