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Styrofoam is, strictly speaking, extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) and made by Dow, but the name is often used for expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) as well, though they are not the same. Wikipedia gives data for EPS, but there it gives a wide range of densities from 25 to 200 kg/m3, so that is not very useful. I suspect Styrofoam is a more uniform product but can't find a figure. If flagging this answer does not produce any more info, you may have to go to Dow directly. That is, if you really mean XPS and not EPS.
EPS can be ordered to many different weights. In the US, it is commonly ordered as "2Llb EPS" meaning 2lb per FT³. I have ordered it as low as 1lb/ft³ and as high as 5lb/ft³. I forget exactly how dense you can order it. Try calling a local EPS supplier like insulfoam.
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What is styrofoam density compared to water?

The density of styrofoam is lower: about 0.028 to 0.045 times that of water.

What is the density of a styrofoam ball?

how much is styrofoam unit weight?

Can the fomula to find density find the density of styrofoam?


Do the styrofoam blocks have the same density?

No, they do not.

Is styrofoam low density?

Yes, it is.

Density of styrofoam?

The density of styrofoam is 100 kg/m3You can check out the density of other items by visiting this site.

How styrofoam be a good insulation?

High density styrofoam installed in sheets can be extremely good insulation.

How does density of styrofoam relate to load bearing ability?

The denser the styrofoam, the greater it's load bearing ability.

What function does styrofoam perform in a hydrogen bomb?

Styrofoam absorbs gamma rays and is compressed. Because the styrofoam surrounds the reactants, they is compressed to the density needed to sustain fusion.

Is density the reason that styrofoam floats?

No, it floats because of buoyancy.

Why does a coin sink in water while a piece of styrofoam of a similar size and shape float?

The coin has a greater density than water. Styrofoam has less density than water. It's as simple as that.

What is the difference between polystyrene and Styrofoam?

Polystyrene is a plastic that can be made into many products, which can be dense, or can be in the form of a low density foam, called Styrofoam.

How much does a cubic foot of Styrofoam weigh?

The weight of styrofoam depends on the density of the styrene hydrocarbon from which it is manufactured and the volume of air bubbles trapped in the foam.

Does higher density equal higher mass?

No. A stone has much higher density than a styrofoam mattress, but much less mass.

How do you explain density to a fourth grader?

Density is how much "stuff" is inside something. A piece of styrofoam is not as dense as a bowling ball because the styrofoam has lots of air bubbles in it and the ball is solid. Collect different materials and let them pick them up and see how they compare.

What will happen to a solid object if it is placed in a liquid of greater density?

It will float. Like styrofoam or wood on water.

Examples of objects whose density is less than water's?

polystyrene / styrofoam plastic wood / cork / ice

What physical property is demonstrated by a piece of styrofoam floating on water?

There are several. They would include displacement, buoyancy, and density.

What is something with low density?

If something has a low density, it will weigh little for its volume. For example, feathers, styrofoam, and balsa wood all have low density. They seem light compared to how much room they take up.

Does density depend on size?

No density does not depend on size. Density depends on what it's made of. For example, if you put a small rock in a bucket of water it will sink, however, if you put a large Styrofoam ball in the water, it will float!

How can you find volume of 10 gram of styrofoam?

Mass and Volume are related through Density where: Volume x Density = Mass As for your question, styrofoam is a brand name that we use to describe any polystyrene foam. As such, its density varies depending on the manufacturer. From what I found in this answer: it looks like you would have anywhere from 50 to 400 cm3 (50 to 400mL)

Does the color of an object have to do with the objects density?

Not at all. You can paint styrofoam or granite any color you want. Also, gold and blond hair have similar color but substantially different density.

How do you spell styrofoam?

The correct spelling is 'styrofoam'.

Example of densities of two objects that have the same volume?

A 1-inch cube of stone . . . high density. A 1-inch cube of styrofoam . . . low density. A 1-inch cube of air . . . even lower density.

Is styrofoam insulator or conductor?

Styrofoam is an insulator.