What is the dental disorder where your teeth fall apart?

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Drugs can some time cause teeth to fall apert. Check to see if any medication you may be taking will or can effect to teeth.  New AnswerYou are probably thinking of a disease called amelogenesis imperfecta. This disorder causes the enamel of the tooth to be formed imperfectly or to not form at all. This is a fairly rare disease that can be very difficult to treat.
It's called pereodontal disease and is caused by a receeding gum line so the teeth start to lean out and apart. it can be treated with pereodontal cleanings and surgery.
I can tell you from personal experience that a particular medication called Methadone Maintenance is a drug that EASILY causes teeth to just FALL APART. It causes the calcium in your body to be dangerously depleted and in turn, the first thing to become affected is your teeth. If you were to ask anyone in the field of methadone maintenance, they would tell you different, but I have spoken to many doctors and nutritionalists and they all say the same thing... If you plan on using methadone, you absolutely MUST be on at LEAST 1200 mgs of calcium a day if you are a woman ages 18-35 and a little less if you are a man or an older woman. Calcium depletion is dangerous for a multitude of reasons besides dental issues so take heed to this warning. TRUST ME - MEDICATIONS CAN CAUSE DENTAL ISSUES.
- Actually the calcium in your teeth is already "locked in" it will not be released back into the body, teeth can be decalcified on the surface by acids either from acidic foods or beverages such as citrus fruits, juices, or soda pop (even diet soda). If calcium is harvested from your body it comes from your bones where the turnover exists. Also, the old wives tale that pregnancy causes the calcium to be robbed from your teeth is totally false. MEDICATIONS do cause dental issues but it is because most medications can cause xerostomia or dry mouth (lack of adequate saliva). This works on several levels, first- saliva is needed to help your mouth wash away sugar and food debris naturally therefore a lack of saliva allows sugars to remain on the teeth longer providing a food source for the bacteria strep mutans and lactobacillus which produce acid from the sugar they eat, this acid is what causes tooth decay. Second, your saliva contains minerals such as calcium which are used by the tooth to remineralize or repair the earliest stage of demineralization, this process is enhanced by fluoride found in tap water, toothpaste, or ACT rinse. Third, dry mouth can also cause the bacteria in your mouth to overgrow and thrive. Saliva acts to naturally flush away free floating bacteria and help keep numbers under control. Sorry but the medication has no direct effect on teeth or causing teeth to fall apart. Amelogenesis imperfecta or dentinogenesis imperfecta can cause the enamel to "chip" apart. Tooth decay can cause the teeth to break down and at the later stages they may begin to fracture. Periodontal disease does not do anything to the teeth except let them get loose and fall out, Perio= arround, dontal = tooth. Periodontal disease is disease of the bone and gingiva around the tooth. People with periodontal disease can end up loosing teeth which are cavity free because the bone holding the tooth in is gone. Best to get a dental checkup and get the accurate info from a professional. -Registered Dental Hygienist :)
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Is there a method for pulling out teeth if you can't afford dental care?

Answer \n. \nNot safe to do it yourself. You put yourself in risk of infection and possible servere damage to your health. Check with your city or dental schools or even a low affordable plan. Dental schools, once qualified takes a few months because of the qualification process, but will be very ( Full Answer )

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Why are dentists concerned about using dental amalgam as fillings in teeth?

Dental amalgam is an acceptable material for dental fillings. It lasts a long time (15-20 years), it is very affordable, and it is easy to use. On the down side, amalgam is not cosmetic, and eventually all amalgam fillings fail and must be replaced. There are more modern materials that can be mat ( Full Answer )

How do our teeth fall out?

Teeth fall out because a Dental Monster lives in your jawbones. He moves his saw to cut off the roots of the tooth. Then he pushes the tooth out and squirts a special poison in your body. You will s-l-o-w-l-y die. About age 5 or 6 the permanent teeth descend from the jaw bones. As they begin to m ( Full Answer )

What is the average cost of dental teeth whitening?

Teeth Whitening can range from $200 in a kiosk in a mall, up to almost $1000 in a dental surgery. Like a lot of things however you will often get what you pay for when it come to selecting the best product for you. Some teeth whitening info: http://www.intelligentdental.com/2009/07/28/teeth-whi ( Full Answer )

A dental question can false teeth be whitened by a dentist?

Not really. The dentist can only remove stain off your dentures if they were fabricated in a darker shade, or have picked up stain over the years from smoking then they cannot be bleached. Iin general the only thing in your mouth that can be bleached is your own enamel, not denture teeth, fillings o ( Full Answer )

Dental formula of deciduous teeth?

1) A.D.A system (The American Dental Association) , the teeth are designated by the alphabets, A through T ,starting at the maxillary right second deciduous molar.. 2) PALMER system, makes use of a grid that has four quarters.each quarters represents one quadrent of the mouth.teeth are numbered fro ( Full Answer )

How does your teeth fall out?

your baby teeth fall out when the adult tooth starts growing and coming out on top of the baby tooth. The roots that keep your teeth in place, start breaking and eventually the all break and your tooth has fallen out

What causes your teeth to separate apart?

its either genetics (your parents fault,) or natural. it happens to a lot of people, the only way for you to make it stop is braces:(

Can a dental assistant clean an adults teeth?

Dental Assistants can POLISH teeth. Dental Assistant may not use hand scalers or Ultrasonic scalers unless they are RDAs. A certified dental assistant who is also CORONAL POLISH certified can perform child or adult prophylaxis (prophy or more commonly referred to as a "regular cleaning"). So, techni ( Full Answer )

Explain what is dental formula for permanent teeth?

An animal's dentition for permanent teeth can be expressed as adental formula. It is written as the fraction: I.C.P.M / I.C.P.M.where I stands for incisors, C for canines, P for premolars and Mfor molars.

What can you use to floss your teeth if you are out of dental floss?

a thin shoelace, A shoelace would only work if you happen to be Goofy! You can pull a thread off your clothing/scarf if you're desperate, Yeah, you might destroy your sweater but hey- it's worth it if you can get that strand of celery out of your throbbing molars.

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Why are teeth and dental care not covered by insurance?

Insurance companies, even many States' Medicaid programs, have judged that dental care is an ongoing expense that they are unwilling to cover. Dental procedures are typically expensive, often require more than one visit to complete, and often require repeat care. However, in medicine, studies have ( Full Answer )

Explain dental formula for permanent teeth?

(2,1,2,3/2,1,2,3) x 2 If you look at or feel one side of the top of your mouth you will have 2 incisors, 1 canine, 2 premolars and 3 molars (2 molars if you wisdom teeth have been removed). You have the same pattern on the other side of the top of your mouth and the same pattern for your bottom te ( Full Answer )

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A ental implant can go as low as 450 $ or one implant can cost as low as 450$ or 290£ if surgery is being performed in eastern Europe country. See for example affordabledentistry.co.uk. If you go fo all on four implants the whhole mouth can cost up to 15000 $ or 10.000$

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Can dental assistants clean children's teeth?

Well, it depends on the state regulations and the training the dental assistant has gotten. If your state allows DA's to clean teeth then it is only children's teeth.

Can a dental assistant clean teeth?

Each state makes individual standards of care for dental professions in the field and there are several levels of licensed dental assistants such as a DA, QDA, and CDA. All states do not allow dental assistants to clean adult teeth or use scalers to clean under the gingival tissue. Some states do al ( Full Answer )

Horses teeth dental health?

horses need their teeth looked after. By a vet! Sometimes they need them floated. They file them down, and numb it up.

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Because Okonkwo is afraid of being like his father, he refuses to show emotions and change his views when the white men take over. When he murders one of the kotma (kinsmen who have joined forces with the white men) he realizes all hope for rebellion is lost and that in the end he failed. So he hang ( Full Answer )

What is the cost of getting your wisdom teeth removed with dental insurance?

It depends on what part of the bill your insurance pays: 50%? 75%? 90%? The cost of each extraction is about $125. And remember, the anesthesia with all-at-once wisdom teeth extraction is usually billed separatel y. Having them removed all-at-once is usually done by an oral surgeon. If your dentist ( Full Answer )

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What do eating disorders do to your teeth?

One of the hidden risks of prolonged eating disorders is a decalcification (perimylolysis) of teeth or thinning of tooth enamel. Teeth may become so eroded (rotten, decayed) that they will have to be removed. The constant onslaught of (gastric) stomach acid due to vomiting or regurgitation is a b ( Full Answer )

How do you clean the teeth after dental implants?

Do not rinse mouth for 24 hours after surgery. After 24 hours rinsemouth with warm, salted water which should continue for 3 to 4days, every 3 to 4 hours. You also should not spit, use a straw orbrush your teeth with toothpaste for the first 24 hours.

Does a dental makeover include teeth whitening?

Yes at most dental offices this is one of their products services that they offer. Teeth whitening is very popular now so most dentist will preform the makeover.

Is dental teeth whitening safe?

If done correctly, teeth whitening is perfectly safe. Be aware that whitening can increase sensitivity of the teeth, so make sure that your teeth are healthy enough for the whitening procedure.

Are teeth apart of the skeletal system?

Yes, because the teeth are the strongest bones in the body. Some people even investigate murders by identifying the teeth. So yes, the teeth are part of the skeletal system.

Does Met life dental cover teeth straighening?

"No, teeth straightening is a cosmetic procedure and will not be covered by regular insurance unless under a special plan specifically stating that they will allow a copay."

Does Met Life Dental cover teeth cleanings?

If your dentist tells you you absolutely need a teeth cleaning and writes the insurance company they will cover their portion of the cleaning.

Can a dental assistant clean your teeth?

No a dental assistant can not clean teeth. Every state is different and some states will allow certain trained assistants to polish children's teeth but most do not.

Is there a D dental code to be used with teeth extractions due to dental caries?

The D stands for a "decayed tooth". Usually you will see DMF-which is calculated to determine an individual's overall caries (cavities) rate in their mouth. As for using this to determine extractions or with extractions, I can only surmise that they are using this calculation for insurance purpose ( Full Answer )

Which is more affective brushing your dogs teeth or dental chews?

Brushing teeth will be far more effective at keeping your dog's teeth healthy. Ideally a dog's teeth should be brushed 3 times a week. You should introduce brushing slowly to try and increase compliance. Start by just letting the dog lick toothpaste from your finger, then gradually progress to usin ( Full Answer )

Why do young people have dental braces on there teeth?

This is usually for cosmetic purposes but they are also used to correct problematic bites. Braces will straighten your teeth, and remove any problems you may get associated with the placement and alignment of your teeth such as headaches, jaw stress, etc.

What are dental teeth veneers?

Dental teeth veneers are used to improve the appearance of a toothor for protection of the tooth itself. The material is a very thinlayer that comes into two types: composite and dental porcelain. Answer Dental veneers protect damaged tooth surfaces. Veneers canprotect individuals from more invasive ( Full Answer )

Can dental assistants polish teeth?

yes. I have been a dental assistant for over 27 years, and unless something has changed, a dental assistant is not allowed to go below the gum line. Polishing does not.

Will any of the teeth whiteners work on dental crowns?

Not all teeth whiteners work per se; unless ateeth whitening treatment is done by a professional. However, ifyou are pertaining to over-the-counter teeth whiteners then intenseresearch should be done first before trying out the product. Cheapotc teeth whiteners are usually dangerous since the chemic ( Full Answer )

What do you do when your dental implant falls out Who pays?

The first thing you should do is contact the surgeon that put it in your mouth. If thats not an option you should find a periodontal surgeon that has experience with peri-implantitis type cases. If you reside in NYC you can look in midtown east, theres a periodontal surgeon by the name of Dr Scott F ( Full Answer )