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Q: What is the description of Chapter 1 by The Cay?
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What is the setting of chapter one in The Cay?

the cay

What was the last chapter of timothy of The Cay?

Chapter 15

In the book The Cay what chapter did timothy get sick?

chapter 12

What is The Cay study guide for chapter 10?

Shmoop has a study guide for The Cay by chapters.

What happens on chapter fourteen The Cay The Cay?

Timothy and Phillip got ready for the storm

Where can you find chapter to chapter summaries on The Cay for free?

The Cay:I personalty have not been able to find any summary's for the book The Cay, by Theodore Taylor.

What is the Description of Phillip from 'The Cay'?

he was noy going

What is chapter 4 about on The Cay?

Phillip and Timothy

What was Philip's description of timothy in The Cay?

The Giant Negro.

What happens in chapter 15 The Cay?

Timothy Dies

What is a good chapter title for chapter 1 of The Cay?

I think probably, "Unwelcomed visitors" "I declare war!" or "Inderwater predators" I hope this helped (:

What is the summary for chapter 10 in The Cay?

dafuq . he slapped philips face

Where can you find a description of Max in Rodman Philbrick's Freak the Mighty?

There isn't really a description of Max but there slightly, slightly is in Chapter 1.

What happens in chapter 11 of The Cay?

the main character nearly dies from an attack

What are the release dates for Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 - The Siege of Spinner Cay - 2009 VG?

Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 - The Siege of Spinner Cay - 2009 VG was released on: USA: 20 August 2009

From the book The Cay by Theodore Talyor what best describes Phillip in chapter 1?

dont da 1 whos asking da question dont da 1 whos asking da question

When was Cay Helmich born?

Cay Helmich was born on January 1, 1966.

Is there a physical description of Jesus in the Old Testament?

Isaiah chapter 53 verses 1 through 9

What are similes for 'Of Mice and Men'?

I think there are lots of similes in the opening of the Chapter 1 of the Novel. (description of the setting)

What happens in chapter 8 of The Cay?

the black man kills the cat and feeds it to the blind child and himself

What happens in chapter 15 of The Cay?

your mom jhnvbhgbjknv hb your mom

When does timothy die in The Cay?

In chapter 15

What are the answers to The Cay questions chapter 3?

i do not know go find out on google because this web site is a piece of crap

Who is the protagonist in The Cay?


What is the description of Fagin in chapter 19?