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Satanism or Demonics. Demon worship is for real, tragically. It is no laughing matter when tombs are vandalized, cremation urns stolen, bodies dismembered... this is the work of DEMONS>

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Q: What is the devil religion?
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What is the religion of the devil?


Is there a religion that does not believe in the devil?


What was the name of the demon in a Catholic religion?

The Devil.

How do you fallow the religion of devil?

By being Satanist.

What is better the devil or god?

Mt opinion is god. But saintinists are the devil. But Atheist dont have a religion.

How do you make heresty in doodle devil?

Sin + Religion

How do you create heresy on doodle devil?

Sin + Religion

What is the name for the devil in the Islamic religion?

Shaitan, or Eblees

What religion is Sean Foreman from 3OH3?

Devil Worshiper

Who are those once who believes devil?

Any one that used to believe in a religion that has the devil as one of it's characters

The band the devil wears Prada what is there religion?

They are a Christian band.

What is the religion that people believe in the devil?

Satanists. If anyone says atheist, they're wrong. Atheists have no religion.