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15 is thicker oil and for bigger engines.

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2012-12-11 18:31:51
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Q: What is the difference between 15w40 and 10w40 motor oil?
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What is the Difference between 10w40 motor oil and 80w gear oil?

Viscosity and additives.

What is the difference between 10w30 and 10w40 motor oil?

10W30 would be used in cold climate. 10W40 would be used in hot climate. 30 and 40 means the thickness viscosity when warmed up.

What is the difference in 20w 40 and 15w40 motor oil?

Only the weight of the oil, 20w 40 is thiker than the 15w40, 20w 40 is the best oil for the old cars although 15w40 is very easier cold start ...

Can you mix 15w40 motorcraft motor oil and mobil 15w40 motor oil for use in a farm tractor?

Yes, you can mix conventional oil with synthetic oil with no problem.

Your Porsche calls for 0w40 oil what is the difference from 10w40?

0W40 is thinner oil made for the tolerances of the Porsche motor. the bearing clearances will not allow proper flow if 10W40 is used and premature wear will occur.

What oil goes in a Ford truck?

Check owner's manual. If you don't have one copy and paste link below; I always like using Castrol 10W40 I would recommend ford motor oil,10w40,or ford super duty oil,15W40,this heavy oil is suitable for all gas,and diesel engines.

What type of motor oil for an old truck?


What kind of Motor Oil for 2006 Kia Spectra?


What weight motor oil does a 1981 F100 need?


What is the difference between motor ship and motor vessel?

There is no difference between the term "motor ship" and the term "motor vessel." The two are commonly used interchangeably.

Can you use 10W40 motor oil in a 1997 Volvo 850?

Use only the weight recommended by Volvo and I doubt that they recommend 10w40.

Can you use 15w40 motor oil in your pt cruiser?

Yes, I used it today.

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