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Area=1/2 base x height is the formula for a triangle. Area = length x width is the formula for a square or rectangle.

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Q: What is the difference between A equals lw and A equals bh?
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What is the formula for a triangular prism?

The answer to this particular question is 1/2*Bh+LW+LW+LW

What is the formula for the area of a square and rectangle?

The formula is for a square and rectangle is A=bh or A=lw

The equation A equals lw is an example of a?

if A=LW and say L=8 and W=8 then A=64 The equation A equals LW is an example of A.

Surface area of triangular prism?

SA=2 bh/2+bl+lw+lhPerimeter of Base*Height+2*Base

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Who made the formula A equals Lw?

The formula for the area rectangle

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How do you calculate area in meters?

Calculation of an area depends on what type of area you are trying to measure. The formula for a square (s2) is different for that of a rectangle (lw), which is different from that of parallelogram (bh). See the list of related articles for how to calculate various areas.

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Without the actual serial number, the Colt combat commander .45 with the suffix LW was made in the period between 1950 & 1968

What is the equation arealengthwidth is called?

it's called the formula for an area A=LW (area for a rectangle) (area equals length times width) A=S2 (area for a square) (area equals side squared)

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What are formulas for area and perimeter?

Perimeter is the distance around the figure. Add all sides. Area depends on the figure. Triangle --- 1/2 bh Rectangle --- lw. Others --- divide into triangles and find the area of each triangle then add all together.

How do you write the formula for area?

The formula for the area of the shape really depends on the shape. Some of the following are the areas of certain shapes: Rectangle area = lw (length x width) Parallelogram area = bh (base x height) Triangle area = 1/2 bh Trapezoid area = [(b1 + b2)/2] h There are other shapes as well that require different formulas for finding their area.

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What is the surface and the area of a rectangular prism?

2(LW)+ 2(LW)+ 2(LW) 2 times lenghth times with, plus 2 times lenghth times height, plus 2 times with times height

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