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The terms are pretty much synonymous. They both refer to a religious deviate. Heresy was coined by the early Roman Catholic church to refer to those deviated from the Catholic Church. The term Apostasy is used by The Bible to denote one who strays from the pattern of truth found in the Bible. Often the term "apostasy" will refer to one who has declared a belief or affirmed an attachment to a set of beliefs, but later attempts to lead other adherents to stray from those beliefs; "heresy" is often used to refer to a similar situation led by a non-adherent.

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Q: What is the difference between Apostasy and Heresy?
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What is a synonym of heresy?

unorthodox, apostasy, blasphemy, impiety, infidelity, nonconformism, nonconformity, schism, sectarianism

What is the difference between orthodoxy and heresy?

Heresy is a non belief of traditional christian teaching and practices. Orthodoxy is the opposite.

Is challenge question or deny an established Church teaching?

To deny an established Church teaching may easily be construed as heresy or apostasy.

What is the difference between heresy hunters and apologetics?

A "heresy hunter" is someone who is looking for something wrong with someone/some group's doctrine, Biblically speaking, while apologetics is the study concerned with showing a reasonable defense of Christianity.

What has the author Christoph Ulrich Hahn written?

Christoph Ulrich Hahn has written: 'Geschichte der ketzer im mittelalter' -- subject- s -: Apostasy, Heresies and heretics, Heresy, Medieval Sects

When was The Apostasy created?

The Apostasy was created on 2007-07-02.

When did The Great Apostasy begin?

The Great Apostasy began in 1130.

What is the difference between Catholic Maronite and Hillsong?

Maronite Catholic is a rite of the Catholic Church, one of several; whereas Hillsong is just another protestant heresy.

Apostasy can someone explain what apostasy mean I looked up the definition but I need more clarity Can you give an example of someone committing the act of apostasy?

Apostasy is the abandonment or renunciation of one's religious beliefs. A person deciding not to follow his or her religious beliefs is committing apostasy.

Can you use the word apostasy in a sentence?

I realize that I have lived a life of apostasy for years.

When was The Politics of Religious Apostasy created?

The Politics of Religious Apostasy was created in 1998.

Who was the last priest or cardinal to defect to the Church of Martin Luther?

It is not called defecting, it is called apostasy. To the best of my knowledge the only priest who left the faith at that time was Martin Luther, himself. No Cardinals, that I know of, went with him into heresy.

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