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What is the difference between IT and CS?

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IT - is largely concerned with business use of computer technology. Chose this if you have a business interest.

CS/Computing - is largely concerned with the science side of computing. Chose this if you're mathematically adept.

And don't forget Software Engineering - if your interest is programming then that's the one I'd recommend.

2011-04-16 21:56:55
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Q: What is the difference between IT and CS?
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cs is

What is the difference between the shimano cs-900 and cs-950?

precisely one digit.... and also difference of 50 between model #s

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the 40 is bigger. 40S is for stainless steel. 40 is for CS.

What is the difference between ms and cs steel?

the main difference is the amount of carbon. Mild steel has small traces of carbon between 0.16 and 0.3%.where as Carbon steel has more carbon, up to 2%

What is the difference between A105 and A234?

A105 is a carbon-steel, while A234 is a low alloy steel. A105 is CS forging for piping components whereas A234 is wrought CS and aloy steel piping fittings

What is a Difference in between MS Pipe and CS Pipe?

MS stands for mild steel. This is steel than only has a small about of carbon. It's strong, but not easily tempered. CS stands for carbon steel. In carbon steel, the main alloying element is carbon.

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The rapid fire cs-20 is not real. I think what you mean is the Raider Rapid Fire CS-35.It has a 35 dart drum magazine.And the Nerf Rapid Fire AS-20 doesn't.

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Is the bond between cs and br ionic or covalent?


Iffernce between an echo 510 and an echo 510evl chainsaw?

The CS-510 and CS-510 EVL are completely different models. The EVL was made in the 1980s. and the CS-510 is actually a current model.

What is the deference between CS and IT in engineering?

Dear friends,I hereby is trying to solve your problem.Diff b/w CS and IT in engineering:The Computer Science engineering is something which contains the specialization in particular computer field and the IT engineering is which contains all the technologies.Ya it is true that now a days in most of the technologies computer science is essential but if we sharply notice at the difference then-"A computer science engineer develops the logic but an IT engineer implements it into different equipments and that is the difference which CS and IT engineering have respectively."- Tomar

What is the formula for ionic compound formed between Cs and F2?

me too

What kind of bond is CsCl?

Ionic bond between Cs+ and Cl- ions

What is difference between as on and as at?

difference between as on and as at

How do you find out the type of bonding present is to discover whether the substance conducts electricity in the liquid state?

If it's an element find the difference in the electronegativities. If the difference is between 0 and 0.3, then it's nonpolar-covalent. If the difference is between 0.3 and 1.7, then it's polar-covalent. If the difference is between 1.7 and 3.3, then it's ionic. For example, fluorine and cesium. F has an electronegativity of 4.0, and Cs has an electronegativity of 0.7. 4.0-0.7=3.3, so the cesium-fluorine bonding would be ionic.

How do you get -2?

example: -6 + 3 1. imagine in your head or write ------ and +++ 2. cross out one until u get the answer cs = cross out - - - - - - + + + cs cs cs cs cs cs so there are only 3 negatives left, so the answer is -3

What does the CS part of the ICM-CS award on your erb mean?

The CS in ICM-CS stands for Campaign Star.

What is the meaning of CS in adobe photo shop CS?

In Adobe Photoshop CS, CS stands foe creative Suite.

How does Cs form an ion?

The cation of Cs is Cs+ (after loss of an electron).

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What is the difference between marketing and shopping

What is the name of the CS compound?

CS is carbon monosulfide, or if you have capitalization wrong, Cs is cesium.

What qualifications are needed to do nurses training?

they need between 4-5 A-Cs. xx

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which course is better between m.c.a. and m.s.c.i.t. ?