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Mario galaxy is easy and stupid and esey Mario forever is for guy people who like eating ham sandwich's under a bridge

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Q: What is the difference between Mario Forever and Mario Forever Galaxy?
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What is the difference between Mario Construter Forever and Mario Worker?

Mario Construter Forever has a lots of items then Mario Worker

What is a difference between Super Mario Galaxy 1 and Super Mario Galaxy 2?

well super Mario galaxy 1 doesnt have Yoshi and super Mario galaxy 2 does.super Mario galaxy 2 has an icon for rossalina when you get 240 stars. super Mario galaxy 2 has coment medals which you get in the gane in all the galaxys super Mario galxy 1 you can play as Mario and lugi but in order to play as lugi you have to get 120 stars as Mario and in super Mario galaxy 2 you can play as luigi after you beat tall trunk galaky.

In Super Mario Galaxy will a life shroom last forever assuming Mario takes no damage?


Can Mario hold his breath forever in Mario games?

sadly. no. at least in Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. you have a meter in that game that tells you how much longer you have. as soon as it runs out, you start to lose life.

Which is more popular Super Mario galaxy or Super Mario galaxy 2?

super Mario galaxy 2

Is Super Mario galaxy better than Super Mario galaxy 2?

yes in super Mario galaxy 2 you get gobbbbleguut

What cheats are there in Super Mario galaxy?

No, there are no cheats in Super Mario Galaxy.

Is Mario galaxy or Mario galaxy 2 better?

Find out for yourself

Will there be Mario galaxy 2?

Mario Galaxy 2 has been out for months.

When did Super Mario Galaxy?

Super Mario Galaxy happened in 2007.

Will there be a Mario game after super Mario galaxy?

As long as Miyamoto lives, Mario will live. actually their making a new Mario galaxy called [suprise suprise] Mario galaxy 2

How do you beat honeyhorn galaxy on super Mario galaxy 3?

There's no Super Mario Galaxy 3.