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Schools in Mexico and the U.S.A. are very different. In Mexico the teachers teach you differently. For example, in Mexico some teachers give you homework for each subject. In Mexico, before you enter a class, you need to knock. Also we recite the Pledge of Allegiance to Mexico every single day. In Mexico the teachers test you only on the subject that you have in class. We didn't have the WASL of other standardized tests like the U.S.A. gives to the students. Sports are very different. Only one thing is like the U.S.A., and that is that you need to run laps. There are no buses so your parents or friends walk with you. In Mexico we have school two times a day; the morning and the evening. In Mexico, you need to wear uniforms. You also need to cover the books that the teachers give you. Mexican schools sell food. Also in Mexico when school is over, people sell snacks and some food outside the school.

School in the US is generally a six hour day (at least in the Midwest). Some schools have uniforms and some do not. Uniforms are more common in religious or private schools but many elementary schools and middle schools wear them as an anti-gang policy. There are national and state standardized tests. Students that have parents that can prove poverty can get free lunches. Others bring lunch from home or buy their lunch. There are sports and clubs after school as well as homework help from teachers. Most schools do the pledge of allegiance in elementary and middle schools at least. In the United States, we have students that come speaking many different languages. If there are enough students in the same grade that speak that language, the schools make efforts to find a teacher that speaks that language or teacher aides that speak the language assist the class. Teachers are generally encouraged to assign homework at the rate of ten minutes a day per year of school. But some parents pressure to have no homework at all.

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diffrent cultures result in diffrent ways people date

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Mexican schools have uniforms

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Q: What is the difference between Mexican and American schools?
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