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What is the difference between Pandeism and Pantheism?


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September 06, 2007 12:04AM

Pandeism is a philosophy incorporating elements of pantheism and deism, so it is actually a kind of pantheism.

Pantheism historically has several different meanings, one of which is worship that admits or tolerates all gods, and another of which is the belief that God is the universe, and the universe is all there is to God. Pandeism was developed from the latter meaning.

In very simple terms:

Pantheism sees God being the universe and everything in it. Pandeism sees God existing before the creation of the universe, and the the universe coming out of God and being God. Only after God has first become the universe does Pandeism see God being the universe and everything in it.

The religions based on the Bible are theistic as opposed to pantheistic or pandeistic. They see God existing before and independently of universe.