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The difference between plasma and lcd televisions is that plasma televisions have better colors. However, lcd televisions last longer than plasma.

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What are the advantages of a plasma TV vs a LCD TV?

Plasma vs. LCD has been going on for awhile. Plasma was generally considered better for larger TVs and for "black screen" issues. However, LCD screens have closed the gap to the extent that plasma is rarely preferred over LCD.

What is the difference between OLED LCD and Plasma panels particularly with energy efficiency and the constructional complexity?

This is the link where u can get better idea about LCD and OLED I found thhis will be very help full to this tpoic http://www.oledtvzone.com/guides/oled-vs-lcd-tv

Which is better, an LCD or plasma flat panel TV?

This is a frequently debated question. It really all comes down to what you personally are looking for in a tv. Here is a website that describes in detail some arguments for both http://bestplasmatv2011.net/plasma-vs-lcd-lcd-vs-plasma-plasma-orlcd/

What's better LCD or Plasma TV?

This article www.crutchfield.com/ISEO-rgbtcspd/learn/.../tv_flatpanel.html has the most up to date information you are probably looking for on a LCD vs Plasma.

Where can I find information on the difference between LCD and led HDTV?

There are many website available that explain the differences between LCD and LED HDTVs. Try this we blink at http://lcdtvbuyingguide.com/HDTV/led-vs-lcd.html

What is the difference between Tig weld vs plasma weld?

When we are using the tig welder we getting welding defects on our blanks, but when using the plasma weld no defects are found

What is better a Samsung LCD or a Sony LCD?

A Face-off between Samsung and Sony perhaps is the best way to know which one of it is better, where people choose between them. Apart from Face-off, also see the differences between LED, LCD and Plasma. I came across this at: BRAND COLLAGE www.brandcollage.com/faceoff/samsung-led-smart-tv-vs-sony-bravia-led-tv/

What are advantages of OLED TV vs Plasma TV?

OLED TV is not only slim and lighter than Plasma and LCD TVs but also has a 0.9mm bezel giving you the closest experience to the cinema possible.

100hz vs Hz LCD TV?

Question needs more information. Are you asking what's the difference between a high Hz CRT monitor at 100Hz vs. a lower Hz LCD at 60Hz? If so that answer lies in the way the screen is updated. Please re-ask your question with more details.

What is the difference between Common Wealth vs State?

What is the difference between a common wealth and a state?

What is the difference between and LCD T.V. and a LED T.V.?

They are actually quite similar. LED televisions are actually just LCD televisions that use LED lighting for the back light instead of the traditional fluorescent CFL lighting. http://lcdtvbuyingguide.com/HDTV/led-vs-lcd.html

Which are people buying more of HDTV or lcd?

HDTV is not really a tv technology. Today pretty much all TVs are HDTV. I think what you are asking is maybe plasma vs. LCD (or LED.... very similar). The quick and simple answer is LCD.......... I have worked in the industry for over a decade and what the majority of people buy is not the best...

What is the difference between porcelain and enamel?

is there any difference between a bathtub that is enamel steel vs porcelain steel

What the difference between whales n fish?

mammal vs actinopterigii. Lungs vs Gills.

Farm raised vs Wild fish?

what is the difference between farm raised vs wild fish

What is the difference between Independent vs democrat vs republican?

A republican is usually more conservative...then a democrat.

LED vs LCD Comparison of Televisions?

It may be difficult to get a good comparison of LED vs LCD televisions unless both technologies are placed side by side. This will help you determine which picture is more vibrant and clear. While comparing televisions, ensure that both devices are set to the same settings, relating to contrast and brightness. When placed side by side, many people do not see a huge difference between the two devices. However, the LCD TV is typically lower in price.

What is the difference between algebraic solution and graphical solution to an equation?

whats the difference between solving an inequality by algebriac vs graphical

Are LCD TVs better than plasma TVs?

LCD vs. Plasma There has been a lot of misinformation about plasma TVs. People used to think that you had to recharge the gas over a certain period of time or that they burned out. The life span on a plasma or LCD on average is 60,000 hours. At about 8 hours a day that's over 21 years. Most of the major manufacturers list this spec on their websites. As far as what's better, it depends on the application. Plasma generally has better black levels, less motion artifacts and a sharper picture. But they also have a more reflective screen which can be bad in a room with large windows. LCD's do better with computers. They are not prone to burn-in, so when you have an image on the screen that does not move (like a blue apple in the top left corner, or a start button in the bottom left) it won't damage the screen. Plasma screens require more energy than LCD screens, and they produce a noticeable amount of heat.

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