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The difference between plasma and lcd televisions is that plasma televisions have better colors. However, lcd televisions last longer than plasma.

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Q: What is the difference between Plasma vs Lcd?
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What are the advantages of a plasma TV vs a LCD TV?

Plasma vs. LCD has been going on for awhile. Plasma was generally considered better for larger TVs and for "black screen" issues. However, LCD screens have closed the gap to the extent that plasma is rarely preferred over LCD.

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OLED TV is not only slim and lighter than Plasma and LCD TVs but also has a 0.9mm bezel giving you the closest experience to the cinema possible.

100hz vs Hz LCD TV?

Question needs more information. Are you asking what's the difference between a high Hz CRT monitor at 100Hz vs. a lower Hz LCD at 60Hz? If so that answer lies in the way the screen is updated. Please re-ask your question with more details.

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