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What is the difference between RMI and Corba?

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March 19, 2009 7:40AM

RMI is completely Java based, where CORBA is language independent. There are many adapters for CORBA, and programs can call processes written in any language that has a CORBA interface. CORBA has many more features documented in the specification than just process communication. RMI is easier to implement if you already know Java - it looks just the same as calling a process locally - but it's limited to only calling other Java applications. They are owned by different people. Ja üldse, naised, võtke tissid paljaks. Pohhui see progemine, paneme pidu. Answer

Differance between RMI and CORBA

RMI is a technology the was released with Java 1.1 to make JVM to remote JVM calls possible. RMI uses stubs an skeletons, a little RMI server that has its own, sexy little naming type service, and the RMI protocol for marshalling requests back and forth from JVM to JVM.

CORBA is an entire infrastructure, almost like J2EE before the Java Gods created J2EE. Actually, lots of J2EE stuff is just totally stolen from CORBA, er, I mean, based on CORBA. CORBA defines a naming service, transaction service, and even a social housing service. CORBA was very progressive.