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Neither are real. Someone had trouble to translate or spell it. You mean "uninterruptible"

check the link(s) for a good explanation


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An Uninterpretable Power Supply will allow the server to shut down safely.

The difference between individual supply curve and the market supply curve is tat individual supply curve is like a firm. To be able to get the market supply curve you have to have the individual supply curve.

supply function can be defined as the quantity of a good.

The relationship between these things is that supply and demand work together to determine the price of a good or service.

One says individual and the other says market!

The Main difference between a Switched Mode Power Supply and an Uninteruptable Power Supply is the function. SMPS are like a conditioner of electricity supply for a building, house, etc. UPS are the emergency backup power supply for vital computer based systems

One difference between air conditioning and refrigeration is the circulation systems. The point of supply for the gases they use is another difference.

Supply is the quantities of commodities in a producer willing and able to offer for sale for a particular period of time while supply curve is the use of graphical method to show the relationship between the price and the quantity supply.

A surge suppressor. Better yet,an UPS (uninterpretable power supply) with a built in surge suppressor.

Uninterpretable Power Supply boxes usually make a big noise when something has broken or gone wrong, check the screen on the unit for an error code or message

Supply is the amount produced and demand is the amount that is wanted.

The main difference between chillers and cooling towers is that a cooling tower uses pumps to circulate a water supply. On the other hand, a chiller uses a fan to circulate the water supply.

A power supply supplies power. A rectifier converts Alternating Current to Direct Current

Yes, there a difference between three phase and single phase electrical supply services.

Why transformer rating is measured in KVA but not in KW

its the difference between long run and short run aggregate supply

Because of forex market and demand & supply

Backemf is supply voltage not apoosed

They are both adjectives meaning 'added to supply what is needed'.

THE ANSWER IS IN YOUR BRAIN ! you people are reaaly dumb

The difference between a well and tubewell are the amounts of water they supply. Wells can supply any amount to certain locations like crops. Tubewells involve pumping ground water in specifically measured amounts.

The main difference between a spore and a seed is the fact that seeds come with their own generous supply of food for the emerging shoots and roots.

Demand is the pressure that we put on the environment is order to meet our needs and wants but Supply is the resources that are taken from the environment.

a shunt coil needs external supply & tripping coil gets supply from itself.

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