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The .22 Long Rifle is a rimfire, whereas the .223 Remington is a centerfire cartridge. The .223 uses a longer 'spitzer' projectile vs. the rounded projectile of the .22 LR. The .223 tends to be a heavier projectile, and has a much higher velocity than the .22 LR.


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The length- short, then long, then long rifle- also the power. Long rifle usually has a heavier bullet.

22 caliber is the diameter of the bullet. 22 cal. comes in BBcap, short, long and long rifle

The overall length of a .22 Long cartridge is .888 inches, whereas the overall length of the .22 Long Rifle is 1 inch.

Gun can refer to a long gun or a hand gun. A rifle is very particular. It has to have grooved barrel which spin the bullet when it is going down the barrel. This spin action on the bullet makes it more accurate.

22 Short, Long and Long Rifle differ in the case length and/or amount of powder/bullet weight.

The correct term is cartridge- which is the cartridge case, primer, powder, and bullet. A sniper rifle is simply an accurate, long range rifle that is used by a sniper. It may look exactly like my long range hunting rifle- since most military sniper rifles BEGAN as a civilian hunting weapon.

The short is shorter, has less powder, and travels slower. The 22 Long Rifle has pretty much replaced the Long. It has the case of a Long, but a heavier bullet, and more powder.

Have it examined by a good gunsmith. This rifle use a .22 caliber bullet, long rifle.

.22 Long was developed @ 1871, Uses the same case as the 22LR but with a 29 g bullet. ,22 Long Rifle developed by Peters Cartridge in 1887. Uses bullets in the 32-40 g range

Originally, there were shorts, longs and extra longs. The Long Rifle cartridge was developed in 1887 by Stevens, when they combined the case of the Long cartridge with the bullet of the Extra Long. The Extra Long has been obsolete for many years, and the .22 Long is rarely seen any more.

If you're talking about the difference between a .22 short or long rifle and a .25 ACP, the .22 is a rimfire cartridge and the .25 is a centerfire. Also, the .25 is .03 of an inch larger in diamter.

A .22 long rifle is 55 grains

NO! The .22 mag case is larger in diameter than the .22 long rifle case thus the chamber of a .22 mag gun is too large for a .22 long rifle bullet. If the bullet does fire, the case will split with unpleasant and innaccurate results.

Depends on the rifle. A .22 is accurate to about 100 yards, can fire a bullet about 1.5 miles. A .338 Lapua is accurate to about 1500 yards, and can fire a bullet ABOUT 5 miles.

Rifles have spiral grooves cut into the inside of the barrel, known as rifling. Muskets are smoothbore. Rifling causes the bullet to spin in flight, permitting accuracy at long ranges. Also slower to load.

The Match is simply a higher grade and more precision manufactured cartridge, intended for competitive matches and the like.

The .22 WRF uses a larger case, and has a slightly larger bullet diameter (.224, as opposed to .223). The .22 WRF uses a flat nosed slug, as well.

The model 6 Winchester wich came from the model 1890 should be actually a short, long, and long rifle .22 catridge. Which is quite intelegent design it will chamer all rounds even if you mix them up in the tube. {and if you are woundering what a .22 long, well it is the .22 long rifle shell but a .22 short bullet. the regular .22 lr. has a longer bullet.

22 shorts can be used in any 22 cal. weapon. however, some 22 rifles require long or long rifle 22 bullets. AA: Normally you use 22 shorts in a 22 cal revolver. 22 shorts use pistol powder. It burns much faster than rifle powder. Thus, a 22 short bullet is going as fast as it is going to go after it has travelled about 4 inches. A 22 long or long rifle uses rifle powder. The powder burns slower. It has finished burning when the bullet is about 20 inches down the barrel. A 22 long rifle bullet has very little force when shot from a pistol. The powder is still burning long after the bullet slowly left the barrel. So use pistol ammunition for a pistol and rifle ammunition for a rifle.

The most common .22 rifle cartridge is the .22 Long Rifle (that is the name- it can also be used in pistols). A loaded cartridge is just under 1 inch long (25mm, or .985 inches) It has a lead bullet that is .223 inches in diameter (5.7mm). The cartridge case with no bullet is .590 inches long (15mm) There ARE other .22 cartridges- the .22 Short is the same diameter, but shorter. The .22 Magnum is slightly fatter, and longer than the Long Rifle cartridge. The .22 Long (not Long Rifle, just Long) is rarely seen today.

From competitive shooting experience the longest distance is 200 yds with a .22 Long Rifle cartridge.

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