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different trim with more luxurious options. there are three trims: base, lux, and platinum.


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If you are talking about a 2000-2005 Cadillac Deville DHS and DTS it would be just a trim level. DHS stands for Deville High Luxury Sedan and DTS stands for Deville Touring Sedan. The DHS had some extra luxury features the DTS did not, but the DTS was still a more pricey trim level with a higher output Northstar V8, 17 inch wheels, floor shifter, bucket seats and a firmer ride. All things the DHS trim or standard Deville trim did not have.

The "DTS" as in Cadillac DTS stands for DeVille Touring Sedan. The Cadillac DTS replaced the Cadillac DeVille. The Cadillac DTS was first produced in 2005.

Cadillac DTS was created in 2005.

To my knowledge, Cadillac will not be producing the Cadillac DTS for the year 2012. The Cadillac DTS will be replaced for the 2012 year with the Cadillac XTS. Hope this helps!

Absolutely not!The last generation of this model was produced between 1993 and 1996 and it was the largest production car made in the USA.It was replaced in 1997 by the d'Elegance trim line of the Cadillac DeVille.Ultimately,in 2006 the Cadillac DeVille nameplate was replaced by the Cadillac DTS,the current flagship of GM's Cadillac luxury car division.

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DTS stared out as the top luxury and performance trim level on the 2000-2005 Deville. In 2006 Cadillac re-designed the Deville and simply called it DTS, to go along with the STS. (DTS stands for Deville Touring Sedan, and STS meant Seville Touring Sedan)

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The Cadillac DTS is considered a full size luxury car. Most full size autos will not easily fit into a compact car parking space and the DTS is no exception. Chances are that the car would be too wide and/or too long to fit comfortably in a compact parking space.

A Cadillac DTS is a car from the company Cadillac. It's a family car meaning that it has four doors, and it can fit a whole family. It's quite expensive because after all it is Cadillac.

There are many places that sell the Cadillac Deville DTS online. One of these places is Cadillac's own website, Cadillac Dealer. Here you can buy reliable Cadillac from the website owned by Cadillac.

The 2011 DTS Base model starts at $46,680. The 2011 DTS Platinum Sedan has a base price of $59,875. There are also two packages that are in-between the two and are about $55,000 and $56,000.

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Deville Touring Sedan?

Reviews for the 2007 Cadillac DTS can be found on Amazon's website. You can also find reviews on the edmunds website and at the caranddriver websites.

unscrew the bolts and take the seat out

The DTS name is an acronym for "DeVille Touring Sedan". The name was shortened when the DeVille underwent some revisions in style and power. The DTS debuted in 1995.

You can start with the Cadillac dealerships in your area by calling them up and asking if they have or know of someone who has a Cadillac DTS. Looking in the phonebook or online will point you to all the dealerships in your area.

The minimum standard features included on a Cadillac DTS are premium audio system with theft prevention system, StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System , On Star, XM Satelite Radio, Remote Start, Speed Sensitive Steering, power everything, V8 engine. If that;'s not enough you can always add more features.

Motorweek - 1987 Cadillac DTS 25-18 was released on: USA: 6 January 2006

The first version of the Cadillac DTS was shown off at the Chicago Auto Show in 2005. It was subsequently released in 2006, and was produced until 2011.

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