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The MacBook Pro cases are much larger and sturdier the the MacBook Air cases.


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Aluminum USB C Hub for MacBook Pro Unboxing Good but didn't realize it doesn't fit for Macbook pro with a case on. Only get if you're not using a case with your Macbook! wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=QH3oZeuAlF4

If you have a new macbook pro with the metal body case, no. If you have an older macbook pro, you can use a coin to turn the lock on the bottom of the laptop to remove the battery.

You can purchase a pink MacBook Pro case from various online websites that sell MacBook accessories, such as Amazon. You can also buy one at your local electronics store.

Nope, the aluminum case on the new Macbooks are unibody, so they are not just the cover. You will have to buy the new unibody aluminum macbook to have that casing.

The Apple MacBook is popular with many different people. It used to be most popular with young professionals but that is no longer the case. According to Computerworld, the Apple MacBook is now more popular with older consumers.

It all depends on the make of the case. It depends on what size netbook the case is made for.

A Mac is a personal computer (PC). Some people distinguish between a PC running the Windows operating system and a Mac but a Mac can run the Windows operating system if required. The question needs to be more specific; perhaps the difference between a HP ProBook 6555b Notebook PC or Apple's MacBook Pro in which case the MacBook Pro is clearly the best.

To do a system recovery on a MacBook is pretty much the same on a windows operated PC, you can also revert back to the last restoration point that was made in case of viruses etc.

Physically it fits, but the plugs, ports, and slots are in different places in the powerbook and the macbook. The case will go on, but you won't be able to access any of your needed holes.

One can purchase cases for a 13 inch MacBook at the Apple store where they have a variety of styles. One can also purchase it online at Amazon or eBay.

The microphone is on the left side of the case right in front of the headphone jack.

This question does not make sense nor does it have any relation to the use of the MacBook. When submitting questions, please do not use words such as "your, you, etc." these indicate that you are talking to a specific person in which case you should ask them directly.

She has an 2009 apple macbook pro (unibody) in, i think a pink spek case. She also has a sony viao, although im not sure she has that. Kris Jenner (Kim's mom) has the old style black macbook and kourtney has a macbook pro (so does kendall Jenner) and Khloe has a 27" iMac.

Macbook cases are sold at B&H Photo-Video-Audio, CDW, eBags, Fry's Electronics, Kmart, MacMall, Newegg, Nordstrom, Office Depot, Quill, Target, TigerDirect, and Walmart.

Macbook pro if you expect to do any type of gaming or graphic design. Both laptops are in roughly the same price range, so I would strongly recommend the macbook pro. However, if portability is your main concern why not an iPad2. It will be cheaper, more portable, and has a better battery life. You can even purchase a zaggmate case which has a matching aluminum finish and a built in keyboard for typing.

Taken straight from the Apple Support website; "Do not place your MacBook Pro on a pillow or other soft material when it's powered on, as the material can block the airflow vents (in particular, the rear vents) and cause the computer to overheat. Never place anything over your keyboard when operating in closed-lid mode. This can cause your computer to cycle on and off, which might create excessive heat and drain your battery. When you're using your MacBook Pro or charging the battery, it's normal for the bottom of the case to get warm. For prolonged use, place your MacBook Pro on a flat, stable surface. Do not place your MacBook Pro on your lap or other body surface for extended periods of time. Prolonged body contact can cause discomfort and potentially a burn. The bottom of the MacBook Pro case functions as a cooling surface that transfers heat from inside the computer to the cooler air outside. The bottom of the case is raised slightly to allow airflow, which keeps the unit within normal operating temperatures. In addition, warm air is vented from the slots in the back of the case."

To upgrade MacBook RAM, one must first purchase RAM that is compatible for your specific brand. Once done, open the casing. There are usually 8 screws that secure the bottom case of the MacBook. Push the ejection levers in an outward direction and release the module from the slot. Align the new memory module and push down evenly. Close up and the job is done.

The answer is no. The disc that came with the MacBook Pro will be for the Intel processor and will not work on a G5 based Mac.

The Samsonite Briefcases & Laptop Bags XT780 Leather Notebook Case is great for mac books.

Yes they do, it is relatively pricey at around $230 at the cheapest.

Yes, there's the Apple USB SuperDrive that plays and burns DVDs/CDs. It goes for $75 on Amazon. I'm not completely understanding your question, but I believe that is what you are getting at.

no it will not fit a 13 inch macbook pro. It will fit an ipad though.

Yes, it comes as an accessories with one of their leather laptop bags.

I don't really have enough experience to say so accurately, but I've kept a hard case on my Macbook Pro, taking it on and off occasionally, and so-far I haven't seen any sign of damage. I safely can say that it depends on what brand of case you buy. When browsing online, watch the ratings and look for negative reviews of the cases damaging their computer.

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