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TKO, technical knockout, is when the fight is stopped because if they continue there is a very high likely hood that the loser is giong to get hurt even worse then they already have. It is an acknowledgement that the loser no longer has the ability to effectively protect themself and it is only a matter of time before the winner knocks them out. KO, knockout, means that the winner has actually caused the loser to be unconscious and out cold.

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Is a TKO counted as a KO on a boxers record?


Who won the fight between Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock in 2006?

tito won both fights by tko and ko

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You win by ko, tko, tapout or judges decision.

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Technical Something of a misnomer, it should be said. A lot of different things can be called a "TKO", some of them nothing close to a traditional 10-count "KO", some of them every bit as conclusive or brutal

In boxing what does TKO stand for?

Tko stands for technical knock-out, which means that either the referee stopped the fight, the corner threw in the towel, or one fighter quit. ko means knock out, which means that one fighter didn't beat the ref's ten count.

What does tko stand for?

Tko stands for technical knock-out.

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How many times has tito ortiz fought chuck liddell?

twice chuck won both by ko and tko and they are scheduled to fight again after the utf season that there coaching

Who had the most knockouts in UFC?

Although Matt Hughes has the most wins in the UFC with 17, Chuck Liddell has 16 wins in the UFC, 12 of which came by way of KO, TKO or TKO (corner stoppage over Jeremy Horn). So the answer as of July 2010 is 12 by the Iceman Chuck Liddell.

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