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They can only be sexed by observation during breeding season. At that time the males develop whitish spots on their gill plates and pectoral fins.

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Q: What is the difference between a boy or a girl fantail goldfish?
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How can you tell if fantail goldfish is a boy or girl?

sorry but there is really know possible way to know i am a professinal vet soo...... ya

Fantail boy or girl?

If it is a fantail betta, the boy will have very large, flowing fins. If it is a girl, the fins will be short and not very fancy.

More info about how to tell a boy goldfish from a girl goldfish?

The difference between a male goldfish and a female is that the female is usually bigger and in spring and the male gains a white pimple type substance on it's gill flap also the female is more of a gold color and the the male is a silver color.

Is a girl goldfish bigger or smaller than the boy goldfish?

the girl is bigger

What does a girl goldfish look like?

A goldfish.... the difference is hard to spot (especially with modern varieties) you can with a trained eye spot the differences the in ventral fins between male and female, even then it isn't really easy to do without watching the fish spawn (which one lays the eggs)

Is a goldfish a boy or a girl?

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How can you tell for a Oranda calico fantail and a goldfish fantail if it is a boy or a girl?

The easiest way to tell the difference is that the males may get what are called breeding stars on their gill plates during breeding season. The breeding stars look like small white bumps.This is not always the case though, and sometimes the only way you know is by seeing the female drop eggs, or the male fertilizing the eggs.

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In most fish if you look at them with their head straight forward so it looks like they are skinny in Females usually one side is a little fatter than the other. But i think that might just be in goldfish.....

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